Three strokes of the legend of Zhen Huan show the womans heart. Its cruel (Part 1)

 Three strokes of the legend of Zhen Huan show the womans heart. Its cruel (Part 1)


But how about this? Lets finish the analysis.

So this play, I watched three times, and then came to a conclusion, woman heart, good cruel.

Zhen Huan, surname Lu of niuhu

As the protagonist, we first talk about Zhen Huan, played by Sun Li. Originally, she was just a young lady of an official family.

The new emperor succeeded and wanted to establish the national prestige, so many people became victims. The Empress Dowager wanted to establish a new pet, and wanted to fight with the Chinese imperial concubine, balancing the power of the former dynasty and the imperial palace.

Leaning on the plum garden, the sentence against the wind, like understanding, easy not to destroy, has become the most real portrayal of her life.

Because it is similar to the eyebrows and eyes of empress Chunyuan, it is favored by Yongzheng. Its the gift of pepper room. Its called Guan, and the saints family is blessed.

However, muxiu will be destroyed by the forest wind. Although she has been very smart and has avoided many risks, she still has to come. First, the aggressive Princess Hua, then the Queens peeping in secret. Every step is stormy.

In fact, Zhen Huan never really put Princess Hua and empress in her heart. Their rank and courage are far from threatening Zhen Huan.

All she had to do was catch the man.

However, Hui will be hurt. She did not expect that the most important thing she trusted was the most dangerous one. A crowned robe beat her back to her original shape.

At that moment, she understood that she was nothing. Even after the imperial concubine was granted, she was just a shadow, a chess piece.

When Zhen Huan meets Yunli again, Yongzheng steps into the camp. As the emperor, he is unwilling to lose. Originally, the whole world is his, but he cant control a woman. Therefore, he first sent Zhen Huans family to ningguta, and then restrained his elbow to allow the ceremony, causing him to feign death.

Well, in this case, the pain of bereavement, the hatred of parents, and the hatred of taking love will end together, so Zhen Huan goes back to the palace. She, who is good at attacking, has already planned everything.

But Yunli died and returned, making her happy, but Yongzheng didnt want him to live, so what she could do was to make him not to live.


If you think about it carefully, you will find that in fact, there is no great danger in Yongzheng. At the time of his sons death, Nian gengyao holds the power of war. Thats the state, not to mention a prince, and how to deal with the family, the country and the world, even the prince.

During the Warring States period, Yan taizidian did not go to the Qin Dynasty as a matter of quality. There were Jin huaigong, Chu kaolie Wang, etc.

Besides, he coveted the emperors sister-in-law and was rebellious. He should be punished. And the family flow Ning pagoda, that is the way of ministers and sons, her father does not complain.

Therefore, Zhen Huans heart was also full of the love of her children. She hated that she had been slapped as empress Chunyuan, and that Yong Zheng had been defeated by Shen meizhuang. She blamed him for not being clear about right and wrong.

Mixed with emotional jurisprudence, there will be unfair, but there is no emotional jurisprudence, just torture.

Huafei nianshilan

This play, I remember the most clear line is: Emperor, you hurt the world orchid so hard!

Princess Hua is domineering and ruthless, but her hands are not spicy. At this point, she is far less than the queen. All she does is just to get a mans heart.

Therefore, she is very stupid, and her shrewdness is superficial. From the day she became a princess Hua, her fate has already had a script.

If, outside the gate of Jingren palace, she ordered to enjoy the summer, winter and spring, it was only xiamawei, then when she was in the Royal Palace, forcing Duanfei to drink saffron, it was really madness.

Buddha said that the road from love to worry, from love to fear, from the royal palace to the harem, is her step-by-step path to death.

In her heart, no one is innocent. As long as she is close to the emperor, she will die. So Nian Shilan framed Shen meizhuang, who was the favorite, Zhen Huans small property, and Cao Qinmo, who took the princess with him, has never been soft hearted.

Its funny that looking back on her life, she is just a little girl fighting for toys. She cant compete with Zhen Huan and empress. Even if she is ruthless, there is still a gap between her and Cao Qinmo.

Therefore, her story can only be a tragedy. She is not only cruel to others, but also to herself. At last, she bumped her head against the wall and spent her whole life.

But even so, her ending is no worse than Zhen Huan. The living people always have to bear more.

Zhen Huan has to endure the loneliness of the next few decades. As the mother of the country, she has no right to talk about love any more. The things and people she valued most at one time left her early.

As long as she can feel a little aggrieved and endure that slap, the Zhen family will become dignitaries, and Yunli will not die. Huanbi will still be the little girl who likes wearing blue clothes.

Therefore, from the results, womens heart should be gentle, not to do things too absolutely, of course, survival is very important, of course, in the environment of the jungle, we have to have the ability to protect ourselves, but when we have to tolerate, we can step back, maybe the sky will be wide.

Such as Zhen Huan, such as Nian Shilan, if one is not so stupid, one is not so refined, the outcome may be very different.

History is not only to prove our existence, but also to be a mirror. Although our life now has workplace relations and love field competition, we can have more choices.

As a woman, if you dont want to involve yourself in a dispute, it is very easy to do so.

The best way is to let go, leave, and stop pestering. Give others a way, and you will have another way.