Luo Zhixiang 520 published 6700 words of youth pain literature. Do you understand?

 Luo Zhixiang 520 published 6700 words of youth pain literature. Do you understand?

After reading this non mainstream journal with no punctuation or sentences, I have only one feeling:


Many netizens feel the same way

And make complaints about boys and girls.

Is it released on 520 in advance to save Zhou Yangqing after making mistakes? Or some midnight dream, regret for the past mistakes, write down this memoir to move yourself?

Its estimated that Huang Jingyu and Huairou CP, who are in the turmoil of domestic violence divorce, should shed tears at home and thank Luo Zhixiang... Huang Jingyu: Thank you, brother Xie Zhixiang! Bian Cheng: Thank you, Grandpa Luo!

According to Luo Zhixiang, the first 19 of the 20 diaries were sent to Zhou Yangqing, and the last one was sent in a public form and apologized to Zhou again.

There are 20 chapters in this piece of boy and girl, which record all kinds of things that two people know, know and love in detail: including their first date, Luo Zhixiangs first meeting with Zhou Yangqings parents, two peoples quarrels due to trivial matters, etc. However, the article that originally thought would make people cry is full of all kinds of troughs.

Simplified and traditional characters are mixed.

The corner of the mouth rose unconsciously, said a light sentence, moved tears replaced the response. Do you often read the bullying president and usurping online articles on Weibo, and your painting style also deviated.

And every! One! One! De Di de, he is useless

It is suggested that he should change the article into Martian, which is completely free from any sense of disobedience.

Luo Zhixiang should also be a part-time Tony teacher at ordinary times. He can not only notice that the nail of the girl he met for the first time is peeling off, but also see the difference between receiving hair and real hair at a glance.

Whats the secret code of three six, three six disasters?

Passers by said it was really confusing to look at it, so embarrassed that they picked out three rooms and two halls with their toes

Take Zhou Yangqing to play the roller coaster, Zhou Yangqing is scared to death, but he has to complete his wish - play roller coaster with his beloved girlfriend, and play twice, once in the first row, once in the last row.

Finally, he appeased (fooled) Zhou Yangqing. Dont be afraid: dont worry, I will always hold your hand. Zhou Yangqing agreed.

As a result, the photo shows Luo Zhixiang holding the seat handle all the time. You are a liar.

Now, the whole world knows that Zhou Yangqings drivers license has not been passed.

Just now mango station has just launched a variety show of star driving test. Do you want Zhou Yangqing to sign up.

The most interesting thing is that Luo Zhixiangs depiction of his image is full of irrepressible narcissism. He also called himself a boy in his 40s.

When a girl is confused at work, he is decisive and has the most sense.

Compare yourself to Ding Dong. In fact, its just to put off work and go home early. (Doraemons reputation may be insulted)

When he met the aunt who sold roses, Luo Zhixiang bought a bunch of flowers for Zhou Yangqing.

Zhou Yangqing didnt say anything, but he has already begun to self climax: a small action, hiding a big move.

You may be able to fill in the manuscript. Luo Zhixiang knocks down these words and tears at the same time.

However, most people are reading the whole article. The most intuitive feeling is not how much Luo Zhixiang loves Zhou Yangqing, but how much time left blank.

If Luo Zhixiang is as affectionate as he described, then why do you have to do the things that are sorry for Zhou Yangqing? Just after breaking up, go to open the swimming pool and lie down.

A few days ago, Zhou Yangqing went to Sydney live studio and was praised by many netizens for her natural makeup, good skin condition and spirit.

On the contrary, Luo Zhixiangs side seems to be struggling hard, playing a trick of changing his mind.

Many netizens said that Luo Zhixiang wrote this long article just to make Zhou Yangqing soft hearted and seek to be compound.

At present, it is not sure what follow-up will be, but this kind of local literature is still free!