Li Jiaqi changes from a host to a favorite in fashion circle

 Li Jiaqi changes from a host to a favorite in fashion circle

Li Jiaqi is now not only a Taobao network anchor, but also a comprehensive development in many aspects, shooting magazine covers, going to fashion week shows and participating in variety shows. Although Li Jiaqi is not a professional model, she has strong camera performance, changeable style, and the sense of camera is not inferior to the idol flow star in the entertainment circle.

How do you rate his camera performance?

Its cool and provocative. Allblack is simple and stylish. Black and white blockbusters outline delicate facial features with deep and charming eyes.

In the cover of Yoho magazine, he was wearing striped Jumpsuit with white T-shirt, clean blue tone, fresh and full of juvenile feeling.

HD camera face, facial features can still hit, eyes firm and calm.

Become the darling of major fashion brands

Li Jiaqi went to the fashion week where stars flocked last year. She was still the top watch of Gucci show, and her modeling was not disappointing. The green retro suit + gentlemans pattern pants, matched with black and white striped long shirt + Black Leather Lefu shoes, all show the high school style.

Advertising for Valentino, a famous Italian high fashion brand

LouisVuitton launched the festival short film encryption game, in which Song Jia and Li Jiaqi were invited as the protagonists. In the short film, the two played the decryption game connected by 520.

The first perfume perfumes in LOUISVUITTON history is listed in China. Li Jiaqi, as a perfume promoter, shows the commercial value and influence of Li Jiaqi.

Earlier, the list of 50 opinion leaders released by Forbes China sorted out the real key opinion figures in five specific vertical fields: beauty, fashion, mother and baby, lifestyle and e-Competition, and Li Jiaqi was also on the list.

As soon as Li Jiaqi is in trouble, he will be on the hot search. The number of topics discussed and the media exposure have already far exceeded that of a famous star. His every move has been magnified infinitely. Even the staff around him should be more cautious than before. Maybe this is the price of the popularity. Source: Xie Yi, editor in charge of Netease fashion_ NQ4682