A man who is obedient before marriage, why does face changing still start after marriage?

 A man who is obedient before marriage, why does face changing still start after marriage?

Dear teacher Xie Jichun

Before he got married, he said he would listen to me. But soon after marriage, I began to play with temper and beat people. How can I live this life?

Xie Jichun, a psychologist:

I dont know if youve heard that a mans mouth, a liar?

Although its a joke, its not fair to use it to kill all men at once, and women cheat, but after removing these factors, I quote this sentence to say: sweet words before love and marriage, its hard to distinguish the truth from the false objectively.

He said that everything you listen to may be true, but after marriage, the passion fades, so he changes; it may also be that he thinks he is true, but he cant do it.

This situation is more troublesome. What is more true than a person who believes what he says? Finally, he pretends or even cheats from motivation to behavior.

Of course, there are worse ones, such as those who deliberately and maliciously deceive women.

For example, in a special case, combining the serious end of the second and third mentioned above, his personality may be split.

Its a big mystery for a psychologically minded or mature woman to hear this (unfortunately, the female anchor doesnt pay enough attention to this key detail). Which normal man will deliberately emphasize with his girlfriend that he doesnt hit women? This is not to cover up.

The real truth is that he had several ex wives who had been raped by his family. Its very confusing to identify such crafty, split and extreme cases.

As long as there is a sense of prevention and a certain knowledge, most domestic violence men are not difficult to be found and screened.

First of all, every woman should know and keep in mind that when she knows a person, she should not only listen to what she says, but also observe what she does.

Secondly, you also need to know that everyone has one of the weaknesses of human nature - like to listen to good words, especially as a female hearing animal, we can not forget the truth that good words are not necessarily true words.

When he says to listen to you in everything, he cant just listen to the sound, but depends on how he acts when he meets something.

The method is as follows:

2. Eliminate the factors of love passion, and observe his attitude towards others, such as family, friends, colleagues, strangers, which are basically stable.

3. Understand his growth experience and past history. If the female anchor knew the history of the domestic violence man, would she still be with him?

Although you are married, you can still use the above strategies to calmly observe his real personality, character and habitual patterns, and increase your vigilance; at the same time, you can rationally judge whether your husbands temper tantrums and beating people are domestic violence caused by impulse or more serious domestic violence, which will help you to make further decisions.