Chinese womens volleyball team: 40 years of counter attack struggle, 10 world champions, we didnt win enough

 Chinese womens volleyball team: 40 years of counter attack struggle, 10 world champions, we didnt win enough

In the face of a strong enemy, never say die.

Your steps are the course of a countrys growth.

Playing the national anthem, raising the national flag,

You have surpassed sports and are the hero of the country.

On May 17, the awarding ceremony of moving China figure selection in 2019 was broadcast on CCTV, and the Chinese womens volleyball team won the moving China figure of the year in 2019.

Time did not go far, just this year, the womens volleyball girls on the podium for the fourth time. Host Bai Yansong asked the audience affectionately, we still look forward to them coming every year in the future. Why is that?

We didnt win enough!

The girls of the womens volleyball team shouted together with the audience.

Since the first generation of womens volleyball team was formed in 1951, nearly 70 years have passed. Generations of womens volleyball team members have won 10 World Series trophies in a row by unremitting efforts and perseverance.

Behind these glories, the womens volleyball girls carry forward the spirit of the supremacy of the motherland, unity and cooperation, indomitable struggle and never say die. With sweat and tears, they together watered out a legendary history of struggle.

Prepare hard for the first championship!

On November 16, 1981, in Tokyo, Japan, the match between Chinese womens volleyball team and Japanese team was in full swing.

The game has reached the fifth inning. The Japanese team took the lead in getting the match point 15:14, and the match was glued. Everyones heart went up to his throat and held his breath.

All of a sudden, the Japanese team a strong smash fell in the Chinese team, see the situation is over, the Japanese womens volleyball team is about to win.

At this time, Chen Yaqiong of the Chinese team, however, made a quick and vigorous effort to move forward and steadily put up the dead ball which could hardly be saved.

A burst of cheers broke out in the field. This fishing for the moon not only saved a match point, but also stimulated the morale of all the womens volleyball players. The womens volleyball team, with their bravery and bravery, broke through three match points of the Japanese team, and finally won the world cup with an amazing score of 17:15, creating the history of the Chinese womens volleyball team!

u25b3 source: historical data

However, behind this wonderful counter attack are the hardships and tears of womens volleyball girls.

Before the Tokyo World Cup, the training base in Chenzhou, Hunan Province was just completed, and the supporting facilities were not perfect. Even the training venues were built temporarily with bamboo.

Its cold and rainy in the south. The bamboo shed is neither warm nor rainproof. The womens volleyball team was eager to prepare for Tokyo. The stadium was not completely built, so they began to roll on the wooden floor with thorns.

Often after training, the first thing womens volleyball girls do is to pluck the bamboo thorns from each others flesh.

Coach Yuan Weimin has made very strict training rules. Every morning, the players have to practice 150 serves as soon as they open their eyes. Even if they use their milk power, the coach still shouts: serving is such a dish, isnt it white hair for the other side to eat?

In order to cultivate the sense of unity of the team, as long as any members task is not completed, the team will wait together until the last member completes the task.

It is in such a spirit of sweat, tears, blood, no regrets; not afraid, not hiding, not satisfied, always fighting that Chinese womens volleyball team successively won the 1982 World Womens Volleyball Championship, 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games champion, 1985 Fourth World Cup champion and 1986 Tenth World Womens Volleyball championship champion, achieving the first five consecutive championships in the history of world womens volleyball The best.

u25b3 on November 16, 1981, the Chinese womens volleyball team won the Third World Cup. (picture of Xinhua News Agency)


Turn around and win!

After five consecutive titles, the coach changed and the famous players retired. The results of Chinese womens volleyball team fluctuated. The ranking was not ideal and fell into an unprecedented predicament.

This silence is 17 years.

In 2001, a new coach, Chen Zhonghe, came to the Chinese womens volleyball team. There are four controversies: Chen Zhonghe is just a companion, can he lead the team?

Chen Zhonghe, a Fujian man with peaceful appearance and tough heart, is determined to lead these players with unyielding spirit.

u25b3 source: historical data

Six and a half days a week, eight hours a day is the normal training, sometimes weekend afternoon only half a day off.

Chen Zhonghe is always smiling in his life, but when it comes to training, he is different.

Zhao Ruirui, a famous volleyball player, said:

Chens training requirements are extremely severe, even some harsh. That kind of inhumanity scares us all. Now in retrospect, we are afraid.

But under this kind of devil training, the Chinese womens volleyball team, which is not tall, finally reached the final of 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and is ready to compete with the Russian womens volleyball team.

The competition for the final is much more intense than expected. After five rounds in the first set, Russia won by 30:28. In the second set, Russia won by 25:23.

0-2 behind, the balance of victory has been tilted, many viewers sadly turned off the TV, dare not watch the next game, they do not believe that there will be any reversal.

Take it easy, one minute at a time. You cant waver a bit until the last second.

From the third set, they used their serve to attack the first attack of the Russian team, and tried to limit the opponents attack with the most effective block and tenacious defense. This adjustment really worked. The Russian womens volleyball team lost 2 games in a row because of their keen desire to win, and their mentality collapsed.

In the final decisive game, the Chinese womens volleyball team made great progress all the way. They changed their strategies and firmly blocked the Russian teams attacks again and again. Russian womens volleyball team suddenly disordered and made mistakes one after another.

u25b3 in 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Chinese womens volleyball team won the Olympic champion again 20 years later

After 20 years, the womens volleyball team girl stood at the top of the Olympic podium again and completed a unique counterattack.


Go through the low and get back to the top!

The greatest charm of competitive sports is that there will always be uncertainty in the competition and there will never be a general who wins.

With the resignation of coach Chen Zhonghe and the gradual retirement of the golden generation of womens volleyball, Chinas womens volleyball team won only bronze medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and then in the 2012 London Olympic Games, the womens volleyball team did not even enter the semi-finals, the world ranking dropped to the eighth place.

The loss of two successive Olympic Games made people question this glorious team.

The voice of Chinese womens volleyball is not good is heard all the time. Seeing Rio Olympic Games coming, Chinese womens volleyball team has become a hot potato.

When he retired at the age of 25, Lang Pings knee was as worn as a 70 year old. In addition, Lang Pings waist, spine and cervical spine also have great problems.

The suffering of injuries and the debt of accompanying his family made Lang Ping refuse to be the coach of the womens volleyball team three times. But she finally resolutely took the handsome flag. She said that the most irresistible thing in her life was the motherland needs you!

u25b3 source: historical data

Lang Pings return has given a strong confidence and strength to the Chinese womens volleyball team in the low tide. The overall situation and strength have been greatly improved.

Just as the team is getting better and better, the captain Hui Ruoqis body appears a major hidden danger. Less than five months before the Olympic Games, she lost consciousness during the second heart operation and recovered after the shock.

After that, when I brush my teeth, my heart beat very high, and my normal life was completely affected... Hui Ruoqi said

However, with the Olympic Games time approaching, Hui Ruoqis mood to return to the team as soon as possible is more and more urgent. So less than a month after the operation, she went back to the training ground.

No matter coach Lang Ping or athlete Hui Ruoqi, the Chinese womens volleyball team at this time, from top to bottom, conveys the spirit of facing difficulties and never say die.

The womens volleyball teams journey to Rio 2016 Olympic Games is full of ups and downs. Start disadvantageous, group match lose continuously, stumble to advance. In many cases, womens volleyball girls are more brave in the knockout competition and win the championship. Yes, it was another legendary counter attack.

For more than 30 years, the Chinese womens volleyball team, written in the memory of the Chinese people, has been struggling with two ups and downs, but has always looked at the front.

u25b3 source: historical data

When I search for Chinese womens Volleyball in Baidu, the most common words are

Counterattack, reversal, surprise reversal...

Some people will ask why every time the womens volleyball team wins the championship, it is so exciting and hard won?

Thats because competitive sports itself is full of great uncertainty. Sometimes, competition is not only about technology, but also about mentality and spirit

Yuan Weimin said: the spirit of womens volleyball is to work hard, work hard, work together and win honor for the country.

Chen Zhonghe said: the spirit of womens volleyball is to insist, insist and insist again.

Lang Ping said: the spirit of womens volleyball team is not to win the championship, but to know sometimes that they will not win and try their best. Its you who walk unsteadily all the way, but stand up and shake the dust on your body, still firm in your eyes.

Hui Ruoqi said: the spirit of womens volleyball is that the last goal has not yet landed, we have no reason to give up!

Now, we once again call womens volleyball spirit.

A temporary setback is just the ditch and ridge on your way of growing up, which blocks you, but also tells you that it is not easy to progress.

Maybe you have lost the precious things in your life, lost the glory in the past, stayed in the loss and sadness, maybe you are facing the business, emotional trauma or family changes. But in the long river of life, how can these not be the development road of a team?

Why should we praise the spirit of womens volleyball team?

Because it represents our life.

Because only this kind of strong spirit can help you to welcome the glorious years and pass through the long night. It can not only help you not to be afraid of torture, but also help you to always love life and keep the original hope and light.