Recruit soldiers online by playing games? The U.S. Army asks the electronic racing team to assist in conscription

 Recruit soldiers online by playing games? The U.S. Army asks the electronic racing team to assist in conscription

According to a report on the website of the Wall Street Journal on May 17, a group of US Army soldiers engaged in online game competitions full-time assisted in conscription. Recruiters help organize large-scale online competitions in which army professional players can meet potential recruits on the Internet.

According to the report, in order to promote the recruitment work, the U.S. Army invited a newly formed army E-sports team. These soldiers worked full-time in E-sports for a certain period of their service, just like those who played basketball, skis or rugby in the Olympic delegation.

According to the US media, members of the US Army E-sports team come from various conventional arms, such as mechanical and infantry, and one from the special forces Green Berets. During the recruitment period, they participated in video games full-time all over the country.

In the first half of this year, the e-sports team has collected 13000 preliminary intentions, according to army officials.

Chris Jones, a member of the e-sports team and a third level Sergeant general, said most of the team members were not professional recruiters. He said it was natural for non military players to recruit when they contacted the armys E-sports team through computer games and the live broadcast platform of twitch games.

Thats how Troy Brayton, a 20-year-old private, entered the army. He played video games for many years and won an E-sports scholarship from Missouri Valley College. On his way to a big game show, he said, he met the armys E-sports team and stepped forward confidently to challenge them. Later he left school and joined the army, planning to spend his career in the army.

Jones, the actual head of the armys E-sports team, initially started recruiting in Hammond, Louisiana, when he realized that his love for the game could help him connect with future recruits, and those who came to the field were often surprised when they heard about the game.

Infographic: a visitor experiences video games at E3 electronic entertainment exhibition in Los Angeles, USA. Shen Jizhong

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