Star with goods gradually become climate film and television company actively layout MCN business

 Star with goods gradually become climate film and television company actively layout MCN business

Industry insiders pointed out that the rapid development of MCN and e-commerce industry has made it possible for film and television companies to change their business model from tob to TOC. Under the condition of multiple realization and industrial chain value reconstruction, the growth and valuation system of listed companies is expected to be rebuilt. However, it is believed that the artist brokerage business of film and television companies seems to be similar to MCN in terms of model, and there is still a gap in details. Under the trend of focusing on the effect of live delivery, whether the stars can improve their professionalism and whether the teams behind can complete the control of the supply chain will affect the success or failure of the layout.

Live broadcast with goods become the outlet, many film and television companies cut into the field of MCN.

The reporter of China Securities News noted that huanrui released the information of recruiting director of MCN Department on a recruitment website on May 7, with the post responsibilities including establishing the companys MCN business team, formulating short-term and long-term planning plans, leading the team to complete the establishment, development and stable operation of the organization from 0 to 1; being responsible for the construction and operation management of the overall live broadcast and short video team, and developing video and direct operation Broadcast objectives, improve the transformation effect and production capacity; develop the management system and cooperation mode of Netflix and talent, build talent training system, and take the account of talent; establish the talent Netflix matrix, promote the online content of the whole platform for the companys anchor artists, and improve the platforms attention.

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According to topklout statistics, the number of Chinas MCN has reached 7500 in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 50%. The growth rate of Chinas MCN institutions in 2017-2018 is 304.76% and 194.12% respectively. In 2019, the market size of Chinas MCN has reached 11.3 billion yuan.

Film and television companies and MCN have a deep origin in Chinas development. According to Guoxin Securities Research Report, 2012-2013 is the embryonic stage of MCN, and short video is just starting. 2015-2016 is the development period of MCN, forming a variety of cashing methods. 2017-2018 is the breakout period of MCN. Major platforms have launched content subsidy policies. In addition to the short video creators, the live platform guild and other red man organizations have transformed MCN. It is worth noting that at the outbreak stage of 2017, film and television publicity and distribution companies such as photosynthetic image and zhuoran film industry also began to set foot in MCN. At that time, it was not strictly defined as MCN business. The short video service of film and television companies was used for film and television publicity and distribution, and the launch position was microblog, whose essence was MCNs marketing service business. 2018-2019 is the evolution period of MCN, and the competition of MCN has entered the Red Sea period. After the flow dividend period, the competition of content efficiency and the competition of e-commerce operation ability are coming. According to the research report, film and television companies may have opportunities to highlight the encirclement depending on their content advantages.

In addition, film and television companies and MCN companies have the same content and logic. The flow of stars and fan base are the basis for film and television companies to develop MCN business. According to recent statistics of China Merchants Securities, Li Chen, an artist under Huayi Brothers, has 55.95 million followers on Weibo, and Li Bingbing, Du Chun and Zheng Kai have more than 40 million. Huachenyu, an artist under mango super media, has 35.99 million micro blog fans. Hu tiktok, micro-blogs fans of Hua Shi film and TV company, reached 18 million 100 thousand, while Yu Shu Xins fans were 2 million 448 thousand and 1 million 72 thousand respectively. Zhang Danfeng, an artist under Ciwen media, has 11.153 million micro blog fans.

This business is really making money now, more stable than making TV series and movies. Lin min (pseudonym), a media analyst at a securities firm in Beijing, told China Securities News that there was a certain risk in the production of film and TV dramas. If they could not be broadcast, they would become inventory and drag down cash flow. However, the film and television companies have advantages in the aspect of packaging network red, and the training of artists is similar to the network red mode, and the latter has stable Commission. Stepping into MCN can be understood as an extension of business.

Effect to be observed

The live broadcast is not only based on popularity, but also the case of star rollover. The prospect of MCN layout of film and television companies remains to be seen.

In October 2019, Li Xiang sold mink in his own live studio, with the unit price of 4988 yuan. But in front of 1.62 million users, they didnt sell a piece of clothes, and netizens called their live broadcast rollover.

Live delivery is like a mountain apart. Movie stars can also take part in the delivery, but most of them are still far from the major. Wei Xin (pseudonym), an analyst at a securities firm in Shanghai who has been tracking live delivery for a long time, told China Securities News that there are two dimensions to watch movie stars participating in live delivery. On the one hand, the brand side, actors do have advantages in content creativity and performance, but the effect side is not always. Some stars dont even know how to use the product, which gives the audience a very amateur impression. You can obviously feel that when Weiya is doing the live broadcast, she is always thinking for the audience. This is the professional quality of the anchor who brings the goods, which is not easy for the stars to do. Stars have traffic, but if they cant do it well, they may overdraw at one time.

Wei Xin pointed out that the main appeal of the audience to watch the live broadcast is the discount, not the star himself. To sell goods, we need to understand the brand and supply the teams supply chain, especially to control the supply chain. I still have reservations about the participation of film and television companies in live delivery, and need to observe.

Ciwen media is obviously aware of the potential risks, said in MCN efforts, focusing on giving play to the characteristics of artists. Ciwen media has earlier contacted with relevant organizations and is cautious in the selection of cooperation between enterprises and projects. Simple live delivery is not the goal of Ciwen medias MCN layout. How to combine content, such as short plays and micro synthesizers, with e-commerce is the direction of research and exploration in the near future.

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of China Securities News_ NF4425