Is GuoXuan high tech going to be a legendary Volkswagen when it plans to change ownership?

 Is GuoXuan high tech going to be a legendary Volkswagen when it plans to change ownership?

The most important point of this announcement is that GuoXuan high tech has clarified that the rumors of Volkswagens shareholding have not been full moon so far, and the change of actual control came suddenly, together with some clues of manufacturing industry and prior approval, which really makes the market full of imagination about the identity of buyers.

The buyer may have a good start

Although GuoXuan high tech did not disclose the specific information of the buyer in the announcement, the company said that the counterparty of this transaction belongs to the manufacturing industry, and the matter still involves the prior approval of relevant departments.

When Shanghai Securities News asked GuoXuan high tech for confirmation of the buyers background, the other side replied everything shall be subject to the announcement.

Some securities analysts speculate that buyers should have a good start, otherwise they dont need prior approval.

Recently, Taihe Group needs prior approval for equity transfer in A-share market. According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, it is learned from relevant channels that the receiving party of Taihe Group is probably a local state-owned enterprise in Fujian.

On April 21, some media said that Volkswagen intends to become the largest shareholder of GuoXuan hi tech by issuing no more than 30% shares and transferring shares by agreement, and seeks to become its controlling shareholder in the next three years. In the face of the Shenzhen Stock Exchanges letter of concern, GuoXuan high tech quickly clarified that the matter of Volkswagen holding was in vain, and the cooperation relationship between the two sides did not form any substantive binding agreement, commitment or other arrangement.

If, this time buyer is the VW that hearsay has been for a long time finally, that means that the cross year series that VW shares in GuoXuan is coming to an end.

Full speed embrace of electric Volkswagen, the demand for power battery is very huge.

In April 2019, CEO of Volkswagen, Mr. dease, once said in Shanghai that by 2025, the annual sales volume of Volkswagen electric vehicles in the Chinese market will reach 1.5 million, and the corresponding installed capacity of power batteries will reach 75gwh.

Controlling a top ranked power battery company in China is a safe move for Volkswagen.

According to the statistics of GGII, the installed capacity of GuoXuan high tech power battery in 2019 is about 3.2gwh, ranking the third in China, with a domestic market share of about 5.2%. Among them, the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery is 2.9gwh, ranking the second in China, second only to Ningde era.

It is undeniable that Li Zhen, the actual controller of GuoXuan high tech, chose a good time to quit.

GuoXuan high techs share price has risen sharply this year, with a cumulative increase of 86.8%. At the same time, Zhuhai GuoXuan Trading Co., Ltd., the concerted actor, has completed four reductions this year, with the shareholding ratio reduced to 18.55% from 24.84% in the 2019 annual report.

Large market space for lithium iron battery

In the view of securities industry researchers, it is not surprising to choose to cooperate with giants. The power battery industry has fast technology update, huge capital investment, and fierce competition in the industry. The committed giants will bring greater development space for the company.

According to the announcement of road motor vehicle manufacturers and products published by the Ministry of industry and information technology this year, the proportion of lithium iron phosphate battery in supporting models in the field of passenger vehicles has maintained a growing trend, especially in the 331 announcement, which has nearly 30%. In the field of passenger cars, special vehicles and other commercial vehicles, the installed proportion of lithium iron phosphate battery is about 80%.

According to the data of China automobile power battery industry innovation alliance, in April, the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery in China was 0.93gwh, an increase of 74.1% month on month, and the cumulative installed capacity has reached 2.27gwh.

On the other hand, the field of communication replaces lead-acid battery, which opens another market for lithium iron phosphate battery.

In early March, China Mobile opened a public bidding for 1.95gwh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, with the maximum bidding price excluding tax of 2.508 billion yuan. This year, China Tower also invested heavily in the purchase of lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is worth mentioning that Huawei is one of the supporting customers of GuoXuan high tech lithium iron phosphate battery.

In addition, the demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries in the electric ship market is also increasing.

On April 28, the deep sea 01 designed and built by China itself was launched successfully in Guangzhou. As the first domestic oil and electric hybrid marine official ship, Shenhai 01 adopted the lithium iron phosphate battery pack produced in Ningde era. At the same time, GuoXuan high tech and Yiwei lithium energy also received supporting orders for pure electric ships.

Source: Yang Bin, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NF4368