Science and technology stocks repeat the May 19 market private placement: there should be more than 1000 yuan of science and technology stocks

 Science and technology stocks repeat the May 19 market private placement: there should be more than 1000 yuan of science and technology stocks

Opportunities for A-share technology sector

Now a shares are facing the same positive policies and reforms, which are also expected to set the stage for a new round of May 19 market.

Zhou Haichen, general manager of Shenwan Hongyuan Research Institute, said that in 2020, the A-share market will revolve around the logic of cutting peak and filling valley, maintaining a volatile situation, cutting peak when rising and filling valley when falling. The first wave of peak cutting and valley filling has appeared, and the end of this wave is probably around June; the second wave will appear after the China Daily, because the overall economic environment, the China Daily may be worse than you think, and when the China Daily comes, there will be a wave of downward earnings forecast.

Zhou Haichen said that the second wave of peak cutting may give birth to greater opportunities. If this wave falls, the third wave of valley filling will be more meaningful. In terms of investment opportunities, the first thing to look forward to is new infrastructure and science and technology. New infrastructure and science and technology must run through all the time, because in the current environment, including from the perspective of certainty and the benefit of policies, the whole technology and new infrastructure is a main line worthy of attention.

Han Mingyou, general manager of Zhengdao Xingda investment, told the daily economic news that since the trade friction, the United States has accelerated the blocking of Chinese technology enterprises. From 2019 to now, technology stocks have been in a bull market. The growth rate of gem index is much higher than that of the main board index and the Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index. For many years to come, it will be the market of science and technology stocks. If there are more than 1000 yuan of Maotai stock in a share, there should be more than 1000 yuan of science and technology stocks. The a share market is the normal market, and the technology stocks in domestic alternative industries will be a very good track in the next few years. It used to be domestic substitution, but now it is accelerating.

Private placement platoon Network future star fund manager Xia Fengguang pointed out that the basis of long-term market is whether the fundamentals are really good. Science and technology stocks are doing well in the early stage, based on the long-term logical expectations. The internal causes are information security, independent and controllable policy promotion, and acceleration of 5g demand. There is a long-term competitive relationship between China and the United States. The pressure on the science and technology sector is an external factor, which will cause certain disturbance to the market. There is still a certain opportunity to see the whole science and technology sector throughout the year.

Ten billion level private placement group research

Although the current market is still in a volatile situation, the layout enthusiasm of 10 billion private placement has not been reduced.

According to choice data, as of May 17, 181 listed companies have received institutional research since May, including 11 listed companies that have attracted more than 100 institutions attention, many of which are technology companies. Especially after May Day, the rise of technology stocks is obvious to all. Ten billion level private placements, such as Qianhe capital and Danshui spring, led by Wang Yawei and Zhao Jun, have also been launched, and many technology companies have been investigated by more than 100 institutions.

In May, many 5g and semiconductor companies were investigated by more than 100 institutions, which reflected that public and private funds continued to be optimistic about the growth of science and technology. For example, Jing Lin investment and star stone investment focused on the 5G concept stock, which has been accepted by 232 institutions since May. For example, this years semiconductor concept stocks, such as nastar, Panjing investment and Xingshi investment, have undergone major adjustments. According to the data, more than half of the top 10 listed companies that have been hot in institutional research this year are from the technology sector.