Zhu Dingjian, member of the CPPCC: Reflection on over gathering and flexible arrangement of Spring Festival holiday

 Zhu Dingjian, member of the CPPCC: Reflection on over gathering and flexible arrangement of Spring Festival holiday

He explained that this means that a huge population of hundreds of millions across the country will make a round-trip Spring Festival migration in just a few days, which is even called world wonders. As a result, the long Spring Festival holiday brings a series of disorder problems of social operation organizations, such as transportation.

In addition, Zhu mentioned that the one size fits all Spring Festival holidays may also increase the risk of infectious diseases, cause post holiday syndrome for the public, and increase the operational pressure of enterprises due to collective shutdown. It can be seen that the 7-day long Spring Festival holiday is centralized nationwide, making all kinds of impacts and negative effects more prominent.

In response to the above problems, he proposed to give up the unified holiday arrangement and make flexible arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday nationwide.

When it comes to action, Zhu Dingjian believes that the way of total amount control, flexible choice can be implemented to give more independent choice and arrangement right to local and enterprises. That is to say, the state only stipulates the national unified Spring Festival holidays on New Years Eve, the first and the second day of the first lunar month, and all other holidays are arranged by provinces, cities and enterprises themselves, or even the date combination of the holidays is allowed to be adjusted. For example, provinces, cities and enterprises can choose to combine the first four days or the last four days; they can also choose to add the two-day off before and after the new years Eve in the first 10 days and the last 10 days, and the enterprise can appropriately arrange the annual leave of employees according to their actual business situation. On the premise of arranging the duty and rotation mechanism, let everyone choose the 7-11 day period independently in the 20 day period before and after, so that more people can travel on the wrong peak.

In his opinion, this flexible arrangement can respect the history and culture of Spring Festival reunion, feel more quality family reunion, ensure peoples vacation welfare, enrich their vacation feeling, realize off peak travel, reduce the operational pressure of all aspects of society, reduce the risk of disease transmission brought about by personnel concentration, and let all provinces, cities and enterprises according to their own reality Flexible adjustment of production lines and labor, through the perfect shift and compensation mechanism, to make the production and social operation of enterprises more coherent and orderly.