Chairman of the German Football Association: the absurdity of huge salaries

 Chairman of the German Football Association: the absurdity of huge salaries

According to kicker, chairman Fritz Keller said in an interview on Tuesday: right now, ridiculous salaries and transfer fees are unacceptable, and you will be ashamed of that. How can we contain this? We must discuss the salary cap system. Im glad Rummenigge agrees with me on this point. Therefore, we will write to UEFA president chevalin.

In recent years, only Bayern clubs financial situation can compete with other top European giants, but now the transfer fee and salary of players are constantly increasing. When Neymar moved to Paris Saint Germain in 2018, the transfer fee reached a new world record of 222 million euros, which led to increasing inflation in the football industry.

Former UEFA president Paolo Platini wanted to set up a salary cap system, but has since resigned on suspicion of corruption. But now affected by the epidemic, the income of many European top clubs has also declined significantly, and it is difficult to continue to bear high salaries and transfer fees.

President Fritz Keller said: we have to ultimately develop measures that are consistent with EU and UK law, and we have to bring professional football closer to people. The current crisis has exposed problems in football, which have been overshadowed by transfer records in the past

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