NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft build conference, talks about cloud computing and Microsoft 365

 NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft build conference, talks about cloud computing and Microsoft 365

Photo: Satya Nadra, CEO of Microsoft

We have seen the key role of digital technology in the three stages of this crisis, namely, emergency response, recovery, and re imagining the future, NADELLA said. Every company increasingly needs a capability to remotely control everything at any time, from manufacturing to sales to customer support.

2. Cloud computing platform azure

NADELLA uses his keynote speech on build to illustrate what he calls the difference between azure, whose competitors are Amazon AWS, which is much larger, and Google cloud, which is smaller. But he pointed out that 95% of Fortune 500 companies are azure customers.

Today, organizations in every industry rely more than ever on azure to support their critical workloads, from AI assisted robotic medical triage, from digital twins in manufacturing to e-commerce and retail, NADELLA said. This infrastructure enables you to remotely, simulate, and automate any activity. We are building azure into a world computer. We have 61 data center areas, more than any other cloud provider. We are the only cloud platform that extends to the edge, with all the flexibility needed from azureedgezonesfor5g to azuresphere for secure IOT.

NADELLA added: at the end of the day, we are innovating at every level, from edge to mix to data and AI. Weve been leading the way in hybrid computing. Azurearc is the first control surface built for a cloudy, multi edge world.

3. Azure update

Microsoft announced a series of azure related updates at the build 2020 conference. NADELLA highlighted several of them in his keynote speech:

u2014u2014Azurearc: support to deploy azure services anywhere and extend azure management to any infrastructure. Microsoft announced that the kubernetes cluster, which supports azurearc, now has a public preview. Today, we are further promoting azure innovation, enabling azurearc for kubernetes, NADELLA said. In the data layer, azure is the first cloud computing service with unlimited data and analysis capabilities, which can provide each company with local cloud data status. We did use the clouds new memory hierarchy to rebuild and reimagine cloud data assets.

u2014u2014Azuresynapselink: a new architecture to help developers analyze real-time transaction data in real time. Microsoft said that azuresynapselink is a cloud local implementation of hybrid transaction analysis and processing (HTAP). With just one click, it can combine the operational database service with azuresynapseanalytics in real time, without managing data movement or burdening customers operating systems. The solution is now in public preview.

u2014u2014Azureai: NADELLA said: we will also have new capabilities in azure machine learning, which can better understand the interpretability of the model, use differential privacy, control and audit data, and protect the model. This is critical to building responsible AI. Microsoft said the new models ability to interpret and evaluate fairness will make it possible to develop more accurate and fair models. In addition, NADELLA referred to the progress of what the company called the worlds first artificial intelligence supercomputer in the cloud. We have made great progress in this area, from infrastructure to large-scale, multi-mode models, which are platforms for other developers to use, he said

4. Microsoft 365 update

Build2020 also sees an update to Microsofts 365 platform, which combines office 365 applications, including outlook and teams, with windows 10, device management and security, NADELLA said. We are building a global productivity cloud with people-centered, multi device, multi sensory experiences, he said. We have seen the huge scale and usage intensity of Microsoft 365. Today, there are more than 75 million teams active users and 1 billion monthly active devices running Windows 10.

For collaboration platform teams, the number of companies that integrate third-party business line applications with their teams has tripled in the past two months, NADELLA said. We are taking this to a whole new level, he said. With teams and the fluidframework, you can build teams applications with new collaboration canvases. Now, collaboration is the best of any application you build.

Microsoft says the fluidframework is integrating with Microsoft 365 for the first time, allowing users to collaborate on documents and create connection components that can be easily shared between different applications.

At the same time, with the teams and power platform, you can build and embed powerful applications, chat robot workflows, business process dashboards, all in one click of add to teams.. I think its going to revolutionize our front-line user team, NADELLA said. With teamsin visual studio, professional developers now have the ability to have integrated workflows to build applications and team collaboration tools. (small)

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