Ma Huateng, Yang Yuanqing, Zhou Hongyi talk about new infrastructure construction, where is the opportunity under the wind

 Ma Huateng, Yang Yuanqing, Zhou Hongyi talk about new infrastructure construction, where is the opportunity under the wind

When the domestic epidemic situation is effectively controlled and the social and economic order is gradually restored, the upcoming national two sessions are of great significance. How to restore economic growth and promote high-quality development at a time of increasing global economic uncertainty has become a hot topic of the two sessions this year. Do or think the same without prior consulation2, including Yang Yuanqing, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Zhang Jindong, Zhou Hongyi, etc., the focus of the new Internet construction industry will be put forward, and proposals or proposals will be made to voice the new industry opportunities.

Optimistic about the new infrastructure to promote the economy, but also looking forward to the new infrastructure to bring smart and intelligent economy

This year, Yang Yuanqing will submit six proposals to the third session of the 13th National Peoples Congress. The themes include building a new generation of internet medical and health platform, promoting information product consumption, vigorously developing 5g + industrial Internet, promoting the construction of new infrastructure and smart economy, and promoting high-quality development of manufacturing industry.

In his proposal, Yang Yuanqing pointed out that China should vigorously develop the smart economy driven by digital and intelligent technology, promote the industrial leap of Chinas manufacturing industry, re position the global value chain, enhance the international competitiveness of Chinas economy in the post epidemic era, and achieve high-quality development.

In response to an interview with a reporter from the Beijing News, Yang Yuanqing repeatedly mentioned the new term smart economy. In his view, the data intelligence technology driven by data, computing power and algorithm is gradually mature and is enabling intelligent changes in all walks of life. Yang Yuanqing said that with the support of the new infrastructure construction, it will drive industrial reform, release efficiency dividends, improve the quality and efficiency of enterprises, innovate business models, and form a new business form of smart economy.

The intelligent economy driven by artificial intelligence will become one of the new engines of economic development. In the new dividend period, artificial intelligence will have a wide and far-reaching impact on society, economy and life from three levels of human-computer interaction, infrastructure and industry application. Earlier this month, Robin Li, chairman of the National Peoples Congress and chairman and chief executive of Baidu, wrote in the peoples Daily that the new infrastructure can not only create a large number of investment opportunities and enhance development momentum in the short and medium term, but also speed up the arrival of intelligent economy and the arrival of an intelligent society.

Infrastructure has the basic characteristics of strategic, basic, leading and public in economic society. Traditional infrastructure brings multiplier effect, while new infrastructure brings idempotent effect Ma Huateng, deputy to the National Peoples Congress and chairman and CEO of Tencent, put forward six measures and suggestions to accelerate the construction of industrial Internet this year. Ma Huateng pointed out that at present, developed countries in Europe and the United States have taken the development of industrial Internet as a strategic measure to reshape national competitiveness in the era of digital economy. China is facing the historical opportunity of accelerating the development of industrial Internet, which can be firmly grasped and made great achievements.

As the most important part of smart city, smart community is an indispensable part of new infrastructure construction. As a new strategy of urbanization, smart community is also an innovative model of community management and service. Zhang Jindong, deputy to the National Peoples Congress and chairman of Suning holding group, will submit five proposals this year, covering rural revitalization, data sharing, green logistics, small and micro enterprise financing, and the new infrastructure construction constitutes the background of many of them.

What do the tech giants care about? From network security to global industrial chain

Although both of them belong to the field of science and technology Internet, the representatives of the two sessions pay more attention to the content closely related to the companys industry while paying attention to the new infrastructure issues.

Zhou Hongyi, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman and CEO of 360 group, put forward four proposals, including building a new infrastructure network security protection system as soon as possible, all of which focused on network security issues.

As a global manufacturing enterprise going out of China, Lenovo has been paying attention to the dynamic of global industrial chain transfer. In the proposal, Yang Yuanqing stressed the importance of new infrastructure for the transformation and upgrading of Chinas manufacturing industry. With the deepening of the fourth industrial revolution, in the intelligent technology fields such as the Internet of things (end), edge computing (edge), cloud computing (cloud), 5g (Network), big data, artificial intelligence (Intelligence), China and other countries in the world are basically in the same starting point Some aspects of the running line also have comparative advantages. This provides a new springboard for Chinas manufacturing industry to make up for the shortcomings, break through innovation and start its own brand.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been exposed for many years by Zhang Jindong, who has been working in the retail industry for many years. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia has exposed the deficiencies of our community construction. The grass-roots community management has put forward higher requirements for the construction of intelligent community. Zhang Jindong suggested that the community management should be integrated into the social system. Starting from the top-level design jointly built by the government and enterprises, the whole scene service management system and the construction of one hour life circle, the smart community should be developed into a new form of community with efficient government administration, convenient service, sagacious management and intelligent life, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of life and well-being of the community residents.

In recent years, Tencent has made a lot of efforts in the industrial Internet, including cloud services. When talking about the new infrastructure, Ma Huateng also stressed the role of Internet companies in helping traditional enterprises transform through the industrial Internet. As the digital assistant of traditional enterprises, Internet companies should be good connectors, toolkits and ecological co builders to help them grow into world champions of their own track. Ma Huateng proposed that the government should strengthen guidance and policy support, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of traditional enterprises, and actively promote stable and orderly cloud access. To explore new industry applications in industry, agriculture, retail, transportation, culture and tourism, medical and health care, education and training.

Direct to the short board of industry development and think on behalf of the committee members about filling the depression

Sheng Xitai, a well-known investor, founder of Hongtai fund and chairman of Hongtai group, said in response to the questions about the post epidemic economic development of Beijing news that the important driving force of economic development is to fill in the depression. After these years of rapid development, China has been highly mature in many aspects, such as moving the Internet, e-commerce logistics infrastructure, etc., how to find and fill in Pingxin depression will be an important problem for economic growth and industry development.

Zhang also noted the importance of data sharing. He said that in the context of new infrastructure, the importance of data is self-evident, but the level of social sharing of big data information in China needs to be improved. Especially after the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak this year, the demand for deepening, sharing and convenient use of big data that has a close impact on social production and life has become more intense. Zhang Jindong suggested that a data governance committee should be set up to promote the construction of big data sharing system, establish a management platform of public data socialized sharing, improve technical and management specifications, and ensure the safety and controllability of data sharing.

Yang Yuanqing pointed out that the penetration rate of intelligent equipment in China still has great potential for improvement. Personal computers are not just consumer goods, they are productivity tools. Yang Yuanqing quoted the research of the information research center of the Chinese Academy of social sciences as saying that by 2019, the gap between China and developed countries in PC penetration rate is still large, 50 percentage points lower than that of major developed countries in the world.

Therefore, he suggested that it is necessary to adopt a variety of fiscal, financial and tax policies to encourage and support the information product consumption demand of enterprises and families, and accelerate the pace of upgrading, which can not only improve the home productivity, support remote office, online learning, etc., but also extend the new infrastructure to families, promote the improvement of social total factor productivity, so as to realize Now the high-quality development of economy and society.

In his proposal, Zhou Hongyi pointed out that in recent years, the development of industrial Internet makes the real world and the network world deeply connected, which leads to the attack of cyberspace penetrating the virtual space, directly affecting the security and proliferation of industrial operation, and even deepening the threat to national security. Zhou Hongyi suggested that government agencies, scientific research institutes, industrial enterprises and security enterprises should jointly carry out the synchronous design, construction and promotion of industrial Internet Security brain, and carry out pilot demonstration and promotion application in key industries such as intelligent automobile, aerospace, new energy and intelligent manufacturing.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541