Dont chase girls who dont like hair

 Dont chase girls who dont like hair

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There is a problem in Zhihu: what is the attitude towards the circle of friends of people who dont send out the dynamic of the circle of friends?

One of them highly praised the answer, very heartbreaking:

I dont want to. Understand what you want, dont want to be disturbed, and dont need anyones approval and praise.

Girls who dont like to make friends are more willing to please themselves than to cater to other peoples eyes, because they will use the time of running friends to transform into a real goddess.

So dont go after girls who dont like hair circle. The excellence outside their circle of friends may surprise your chin and make you feel ashamed.

If you want to win this kind of girls love, you have to work hard to keep pace with their life, so that you can become the equal rival in her feelings.

Although there is a lot of pressure to stay with them, thank you for the driving force of your growth, because: after a long time with the sun, the moon with nothing will shine desperately.

Click looking and tell me that you are also trying to be golden.