Shanghai Medias interpretation of the new deal of Shanghai Football Association

 Shanghai Medias interpretation of the new deal of Shanghai Football Association

In order to promote the socialization of football, the football association should play the role of referee. We cant be referees and athletes together. We have established rules and fight closely on the spot. Lin Yi said that the football association is more inclined to be a referee, responsible for formulating norms, testing standards, training talents, uniting forces, providing good services and making the market an athlete. In the future, the football association will cooperate with some sports companies to host events, promote one event when it matures, and integrate events in all districts of Shanghai.

Start with a vest

In recent years, Shanghai football has made a series of achievements in the youth training section. It won three consecutive national games titles and won gold medals in the 2017 National Games. One of the important principles is to believe in the market and fully authorize. In terms of youth training, the Shanghai Football Association has always adhered to the principle of for my use, not for my ownership.

Training professional and technical personnel

The level of coaches and professional technicians is related to the overall level and long-term development of Shanghai football. At present, every youth training base has some retired players who retired from or did not join the professional team, such as Zhang Yong, Bian Jun and Liu Xie Dong of the former Shanghai Shenhua team. We have ten series, youth elite base League, youth super and other football events of different ages for them to hone. Liu haiguang said.

Lin Yi said that how to train more and better referees, coaches, scouts and other professionals is a major direction of the Football Associations future efforts. In recent years, the work has made progress, but efforts are still needed. For example, Shanghai has more than 1400 registered judges in 2019, and this year there are more than two thousand. The number is growing, but it is still not enough. At the same time, the football association also through the above Super League, Chen Yibei, Yanfeng cup as the representative of a series of events created by the Football Association, to provide all kinds of personnel with practical training scenes.

Wang Guohua talked about a reform front of talent selection and training of the Football Association. Shanghai Football Association is establishing a large database to record and analyze each players technical data, physical fitness data, actual combat data, especially actual combat data, such as shooting success rate in the match, using the experience of coaches and technical means to explore the really excellent players. It can be said that there is no technical means at present, and it is difficult to succeed. No matter how hard it is, we will increase our investment in technology, which will provide the possibility for overtaking in the future.