Life, always experience the vest line

 Life, always experience the vest line

But even so, two years ago, she was still anxious to explode.

There are so many additional problems brought about by the marriage that she has to be swallowed up.

Every problem is not easy.

Facing the first turning point of life, she is a little out of her depth.

Like the rigorous formula in the mathematics textbook, we grow up step by step and grow old with the flow. There is no highlight moment, most of which is the failure to give up halfway and the punishment of pride and conceit.

Shes a little uncertain.

The protagonist in the movie always finds the martial arts script to turn the situation around when he is most frustrated. In Shiyis movie, xiaoshais time can see is that one.

Thats when smart sister entered her timeline.

In this rush of blood, she was able to stop, take a good look at her life, gather courage to try to break the security zone, the invisible but imprison her glass cover.

She changed her job, tried a healthier way of life, and had more frank communication with her family. It seemed that everything was not so difficult.

She has more freedom of choice, and the foundation of choice.

And all of this, really, in the todo list every day, every step can not take a shortcut.

Recently, she also found her interest in writing.

If she writes well, she hopes to make a living by writing in the future. At the age of 30, when I started to change my career, I still went from science to liberal arts. In any case, it was dangerous.

At present, however, she is still in the hobby stage. Simply enjoy the satisfaction brought by writing, the past years slowly show their own unique outline in the tip of the pen, so that she has the courage to jump into any next challenge.

The following article is her attempt to express herself in the way of writing. It is an annotation for the gradual transformation of these years.

The following is by: Shi Yi


Starting point and predestination

Knowing Wang Xiao and her as soon as possible brand is one day last May.

During that time, I was a little anxious and read a lot of time management books, from strange life to Autobiography of Franklin, from deliberate practice to alien, from life efficiency manual to time visible.

Then, through time can see, I know Wang Xiao.

Then, I went to see other books published by her, including living a life according to my own will, women understand that its early, and smart sisters body shaping 100 days, etc.

Her books, her words, let me open a new world.

It turns out that as a woman, she can also live freely, independently, gracefully and meaningfully.

The positive altruistic things she did made a lot of people see hope and start to change.

Her saying: waistline is the watershed between a girl and her aunt, and we should strive to maintain it, deeply touched me.

Im in love and moving.

On July 1, 2019, I signed up to participate in her brands 100 day training camp of shaping body with smart sister.

At that time, I just wanted to try what kind of changes would happen if I kept exercising for 100 days.

Then, it started the HIIT exercise routine of 100 days and 15 minutes every day.


On the way, my change

Life is really a very metaphysical thing.

Many things, do, will bring unexpected results.

At first, I signed up for the training camp just to force myself to form a habit of sports through the external environment.

Later, this habit not only developed, but also reaped other by-products.

Whats more, I started to get up early, try running, pay attention to reducing fat and shaping, and improve my eating habits.

All of these are carried out in a subtle way.

u00b7The early rising brought by sports is the first by-product of my harvest.

Because I work full-time, I can only schedule my exercise time in the morning, so I am forced to get up early.

Of course, getting up early also requires gradual and slow exercise.

I got up at 7 a.m. at the beginning, adjusted to 6:30 two weeks later, adjusted to 6:00 a month later, adjusted to 6:00, and gradually got up earlier.

Its time to get up at 4:30 every morning and start exercising.

In fact, not everyone needs eight hours of sleep. Sleep revolution this book points out that as long as we guarantee an integer sleep cycle (usually 1.5 hours for a sleep cycle) can have a good spirit.

Therefore, 6 hours and 7.5 hours of sleep every day are OK. The key is to find a suitable sleep cycle. You can try it.

u00b7Sports make me fall in love with running, which is the second by-product of my harvest.

Running is really unfriendly for a girl who has failed in physical education since she was a child and her calf is very thick.

However, historical experience shows that the combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise has a better effect on weight loss.

So, I chose the simplest aerobic exercise, running.

I used the same step-by-step way to increase the mileage a little bit. From the first 100 meters to the last one, three and five kilometers, I gradually worked out my endurance and physical strength, so I kept running until one day I finished 10 kilometers easily. Suddenly, I found that the original running was not as difficult as I expected.

u00b7Exercise started to improve my eating habits, which is the third by-product of my harvest.

I began to control my diet and focus on my daily intake.

I began to strictly abstain from sugar and oil control, and eat more foods with low sugar index.

Now, I am taking part in the 3rd training camp of body building 100 days with xiaoshai.


Destination: always on the road, always young

Fitness is something we always start to do in our life.

To practice, to feedback, to improve, to achieve.

When running, be sure to stretch before and after running, which is really very important. Otherwise, even if you lose weight, you still have elephant legs.

HIIT high-intensity interval training is particularly effective for fat burning, with long duration and high consumption. You can try more. If you want to find a partner, you can also join the early fitness training camp to encourage and improve each other.

You can also choose

u00b7Strict diet control

Whether its 5 + 2 or 16 + 8, remember the key point: ensure consumption > intake, which is the essence of fat reduction. You can use the calorie calculation app to clearly know your daily intake and effectively control your diet.

u00b7The most important point

Keep your mind steady and take weight loss as a long-term goal. Dont diet, dont induce vomiting, dont break down, dont give up, slowly, accumulate changes in every bit, and wait for miracles to happen.

Not only do we have to stand very light, but we also have to look beautiful.

We will eventually be led by time to our own creation.

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