Will you be smarter next time you fall in love?

 Will you be smarter next time you fall in love?

Still believe in love as always

Its a kind of courage

Will you be smarter next time you fall in love?


My cousin in high school fell in love. His wechat picture and background picture were all changed into the picture of that girl. Every circle of friends he sent was also related to that girl.

u258d in the circle of friends in open love, he said: we must enter the same university.

u258d at the weekend, he sent a picture of taking her out to play, saying: I hope it can help her relieve the pressure.

u258d on the girls birthday, he said that he would stay with her every year.

To be honest, I havent seen such a circle of friends for a long time, and suddenly feel that such a simple and firm love is really enviable.

Adult love seems to be too rational, even a circle of friends have to worry about whether they will be laughed at after breaking up, while the circle of friends of teenagers, say three times a day that you dont feel enough.

Do you remember the first time you liked a persons throb? Remember the tension when you first dated someone you like? Do you remember the first time you wanted to declare that you like someone all over the world? Do you remember the first time you were in love?

I dont know when, these feelings seem to be getting further and further away from us. We start to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. We hope to become invincible. Every time we fall in love, we repeatedly tell ourselves: be smart, be rational, be cold, and dont be so stupid.

But if you are smart, rational and cold, is it still love?

But how can people who can devote themselves to love be stupid?

It can only be done bravely, because those who are afraid of being hurt are busy pretending themselves and forgetting their lives. Only those who are brave are not afraid of being hurt and enjoy the sweetness and bitterness of love and life.

Yang Lan once asked Zhou Xun if he could learn to be smart next time because he was so involved in every relationship and could easily get hurt?

u2014u2014Will you learn to be smart next time?

u2014u2014I cant learn.

u2014u2014Want to learn?

u2014u2014I dont want to. Because I think that feeling is what I like very much.

Heart, ecstasy, sweetness, peace of mind, sadness, bitterness, relief If there is no such passion in life, how much beauty will be lost? Love is unreasonable. It feels rich when you give. The more passionate you love, the more complete you feel.

Dont worry about becoming smart in love. When you cant move, you will find that losing the ability to love someone and the many feelings that losing love can bring you will be more helpless than heartbreak.

A friend asked me: in love, we all want each other to become mature, but we want each other to love us as children. Isnt that a contradiction?

In fact, there is no contradiction. Love is to love each other with a childlike heart, but also to protect each other and strive to become mature.

In young you, Zhang Xiaobei said: I am nothing, no brain, no money, no future, but I like a person, I want to give her the best ending.

A friend of mine, who is exquisite in all aspects, is like a simple child when facing his girlfriend who was together from college. He says he is trying to become a more mature person just because he can take better care of her.

The greatest achievement of life is to be mature in life, but still be childish in feelings. You can not only love a person regardless of everything, but also earnestly strive to give each other the best.

I hope you will always be able to love someone recklessly, and I hope someone will love you recklessly.

Where are you? Ill try to run to you.

Because I want to see you soon!

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