Please put away the light, ripe and windy clothes, and the little woman will rely on it!

 Please put away the light, ripe and windy clothes, and the little woman will rely on it!

In terms of which single has its own light and familiar style, there is no doubt that it is super a suit. You can easily control any single, a Black Slim suit, a formal wind burst shed, with a white T-shirt inside, classic black-and-white matching, fresh and fashionable, and a pair of denim shorts are used to match the next match, and the street is full of style, showing the big and long legs.

Earth color suits can also create the taste of light and mature style, and retro style is also very charming. Especially like this kind of small suit coat, the slim effect is strong. In terms of internal matching, she chose a white dress. Chiffon design gives a special comfortable feeling, formal and with a sense of leisure!

2. Lapel Top + jeans

It seems that the lapel short sleeve top is going to be forgotten by everyone. After you get on your upper body, you will know how strong its retro feeling is. A white Lapel short sleeve, unbuttoned wear and match, in addition to showing you are particularly mature, it also has a little sexy, under which a pair of jeans pants, it is also retro style!

3. Round neck top + loose pants

In fact, you can choose some simple items to wear light and mature style in daily life. Look at this matching. A loose white top is light and elegant. Under the matching, you choose a loose pants in earth color. There is no extra design. It depends on how you wear them. The little sister tucked her corners into her pants, stretched her waistline, had a good body proportion, simple and leisurely.

4. Black stripe Top + white skirt

Speaking of light ripe style, it must be stripe top. Look at this black stripe top. The stripe is also designed in gray, which is quite low-key. A white skirt is worn under it. There is no redundant design, and the simple style is also very attractive. The classic black and white matching will never be out of date, light ripe with a little girls feeling.

5. Dress with skirt

Some small partners will think that the short skirt modeling can only take the sexy route, so you are very wrong. For the short skirt, it is simple to create a light mature charm. A white silk fabric suspender top and a black splicing short skirt are used under it, which have a special sense of hierarchy. This wearing and matching is not only sexy, but also has a special sense of hierarchy!

6. Navel Top + loose jeans

Its a perfect match in summer. A black and tight navel top with a deep V-neck design can easily show your collarbone and swan neck. A pair of loose jeans can be worn under it. The high waist design can stretch the waistline. Its full of flu. Its popular with many girls

7. Off Shoulder Top + jeans

Take a look at this style, it can be said that the light and ripe style is enough to rely on these two pieces. One piece of plaid earth color is matched with white plaid, and the one shoulder design is particularly eye-catching, showing a good figure, with a little bit of lady style, under which a pair of tight jeans are built, and loose upper garment is matched with tight jeans, so you can wear super-a.

8. Shirt + jeans

9. Loose Chiffon Top + trousers

The gentle Chiffon Top must be loved by many little sisters. Indeed, the comfortable fabric gives people a different sense of formality, especially the pink design, the girls sense of explosion, and a green suit path under it, which is a bonus. Such color collision is very touching!

The matching is gentle. A White Chiffon Top with loose design can block the flesh of the arm. The deep V design has a sense of formality. The next one is a loose pink pants. Although they are all loose styles, the light and thin fabric is not fat at all.

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