Is green you 2 too poor, or is the player too fierce? This beautiful sister has her own style

 Is green you 2 too poor, or is the player too fierce? This beautiful sister has her own style

It seems that she has the potential of a makeup artist. Every time she looks very good, this simple straight long hair style, brown hair color makes her skin very white and bright, and her smile is very healing, which is also very exciting!

Cai Zhuoyi, who attended the activity, was particularly charming. Wearing a Black Sequin dress, he showed the figure curve incisively and vividly. A pair of beautiful legs were set off with white and thin. The long hair with tiny curls looked like a sweet lady. Did the sweet Cai Zhuoyi stab your heart?

Cai Zhuoyis daily wear is also very good. Wearing a black sweater and short pants is very casual. Such a disappearance of the lower body makes a pair of beautiful legs white and charming, and a ponytail is full of vitality!

Wearing a white long sleeve is pure and clean, with a pair of light blue jeans, full of the sense of leisure goddess, it looks very sweet and lovable, there is a sense of sight in first love, are you moved?

Cai Zhuoyis figure is also very good. He doesnt forget to show off his figure even when wearing sportswear. He has a short grey dress. The slim version shows his figure especially, and a pair of beautiful legs are shown to be extra slender. How can such a figure not be loved?

If Cai Zhuoyi is allowed to be the blogger, there is no problem. The black long sleeve T-shirt she is wearing is particularly white and bright. With a pair of high waisted pants, it is full of Goddess charm, showing a pair of beautiful legs long and straight!

One shoulder jeans is also a very good fashion match. Cai Zhuoyis collocation makes the collarbone look incisive and incisive. A pair of jeans is more fashionable and thin, casual!

Cai Zhuoyi cant help but think of fairies. Wearing a checked dress with suspenders, she looks very summer. Stepping on a pair of light yellow high heels is full of fairies!

Cai Zhuoyi, who is wearing oversize T-shirt to play with the disappearing method of his lower body, is extremely charming, and his beautiful legs are white and bright! Cai Zhuoyi, who is so sweet and sweet, is your heart beating?

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