Spring and summer lipstick reward | why wearing masks cant help but order?

 Spring and summer lipstick reward | why wearing masks cant help but order?

Unable to restrain the emotions of lipstick, how can you choose the lipstick this spring and summer? What new products do you have to help yourself open? Sister o will take you to taste one today. Why is this one missing in your make-up bag!

Guerlain, France

Diamond Lip Gloss

There are new members of Guerlains most classic Color Gemstone lipstick family. This time, inspired by the art of high jewellery making, Guerlain launched the series of ROUGEG jewellery Diamond Lip Gloss series. It has used the color, luster and cut art of gemstones in 7 new lip colors and 4 gem shells.

The new shell includes 4 gem cut shells and 3 limited edition magnificent queen shells. Among the 7 new colors, the O recommends Chen n u00b0 007 and Chen n u00b0 699 Ice Syrup fruit color. It is a gentle, daily, high-profile, amazing, moisturizing and full of gem luster.

Chanel Chanel

Miss cocoa highlights lipstick series

This year, the collocation behavior of Miss coos 12 series of bright and new colors has been matched with a series of new colors of nail polish, giving you endless glamour.

The transparent tube cap design allows you to lock your favorite lip color easily. Chen 126swing is rich Satin bean sand; Chen 128mood is full aubergine; Chen 152shake is jumping brick orange. Dont worry about lip color, just worry about whether it will be too slay.


Thin coating is sweet and spicy, thick coating is high-end and fashionable, not as enchanting as red, just right orange makes make-up more energetic and sweet, age reducing lip color is it!

See youth has you 2 female geese real name interpretation u0dcf 205 thin coating vs thick coating, sweet vitality and sexy cool two styles are endless switch, a lip glaze can be done.


Pillowtalk new pillow talk series

CharlotteTilbury has blended the classic pink coloring from the sugary love pillow series of PillowTalk, adding a rich rose tone, and introducing two new colors: pink and dark pink in #Medium. The founder, Charlotte Tilbury, is committed to perfectly matching the pilowtalk series with every skin color, hoping that the sweet world of pillow talk can be extended to everyone in every moment and every atmosphere.

The new lip color, medium, is a sweet berry powder more rich than the classic, Pillowtalk, while intense is a deeper warm brown berry rose. No mistake, especially suitable for Asian skin color!

M u00b7 a u00b7 C Meike

This spring and summer, youve heard the most popular co branded series of cosmetics. Its inevitable that M.A.C. and King glory will cooperate across borders again. This time, M. A. C has assembled five heroic heroes of the kings, Li Bai, Bai Li, Zhao Yun, Han Xin and Zhu Geliang, bringing the joint experience of eye shadow + lipstick + high light.

In the joint series, the mouth red numbers are: white bravered water cherry red; keeping promise Marrakesh brown red dirty orange; bright partyline grape jelly; letter dareyou fine ruby; cloud paramount fragrant chocolate.

It can be seen that m u00b7 a u00b7 C is more classic, practical and does not choose skin color. Meng Meiqi, chief experience officer of M.A.

Loral Paris LOreal

Wet kiss small Pen Lip Glaze

Ding Dong, please receive the apricot launched by LOreal Paris! Wet kiss small Pen Lip Glaze was launched before 520, bringing the soft and beautiful apricot, hot wet kiss 310, green and astringent cherry and sweet 304 sea salt Caramel. How to make up for a date? Just look at LOreal!

Ouyang Nana, the spokesman of LOreal in Paris, said this is the sweet and soft almond roasted cream color, which makes your TA fall into the gentle trap of brown bean paste at a glance.

Maybelline Maybelline New York

Light mist Lip Glaze

Maybelline Maybellines New York lipstick trick -- the light fog Lip Glaze is also powerful. Five color experts spent 12 months to select and test the white color number suitable for Asian women from thousands of Pantone, and customized 10 color numbers that perfectly fit the skin color of Asian women.

Sister o has chosen a few color numbers for you, which is also a surprise for you to buy. Ill tell you if everyone wants to buy them!

Luxurious crown velvet lipstick

Notice, whoo is coming with the ladies again! Inspired by the carved shell design of Xinluo golden crown, the classic lotus pattern is inlaid in the back arch of the paste and tube to enjoy the luxurious velvet lip balm, so that you can have the crowns on your lips and a luxurious experience from velvet.

8 kinds of lip colors with matte texture can be selected. With the ingredients of ruby, white, and vitality, it can protect the delicate lip skin. As long as 12 hours of color persistence, so that you do not have to repair a lot of trouble.

Sister o has selected three color codes that cant be mistaken for her own use: the kiss of Queen Chen 45, misty mist winery Chen 54 and red brown tea Chen 88. Imagine, mom must look good on it.

Rainbow lipstick

Do you want to have the soft and bright lip makeup of Korean drama heroine like petals? Laneiges new rainbow lipstick! This new product is not for fun, a 7-color rainbow, 6-color high difficulty layered design is to be able to create a natural and soft gradual lip makeup. 2 germplasm (soft cream vs light fog matte) and 10 color options, absolutely meet your demanding lip makeup needs.

7 kinds of milk quality and 3 kinds of matte texture are optional. Laneige also widens the bright sense of Korean makeup in color distribution. #06 spring strawberry powder, #11 juice pomegranate, #12 rose wine, #14 Peach Oolong, #15 Earl milk tea brown, #17 autumn Begonia red, from fresh and sweet to mature and elegant, you can find the answer in the rainbow lipstick series.

What is the color code on the lips of Li biblical, the global spokesman of Lanzhi? Sister o tells you secretly that its red Begonia in autumn!

Perfect diary

Perfect soft velvet Lip Glaze

This time, the perfect diary hopes to use the most delicate velvet Lip Glaze series to create the lip color of a high-end dress. Inspired by the gorgeous velvet fabric, the upper lip is soft and rich, and a touch of lip makeup makes you sexy.

Redearth red earth

TheEarth series liquid lipstick

The makeup black horse REDEARTH red earth has launched the unexpected winner of the new TheEarth series velvet liquid lipstick for the first time. It opens the concept of color and lip gloss, so that you can achieve the double makeup effect of the herb and lip when you have the color of your lips. The earth series continues the concept of the earth color at the beginning of the brand. By restoring the most essential color in the world, it brings the vitality of natural skin care for women.

House of etide

Satin powder fog Lip Glaze

The satin powder spray Lip Glaze series adopts the classic simple frosted round tube design, the paste body is silky and smooth, fresh and not greasy, and the hazy make-up feeling of the spray surface makes you bright and attractive all the time.

From rd302 duck blood red, rd308 tomato red, to rd304 mild spicy red, rd305 medium spicy red, RD306 spicy red Every spicy degree can match different makeup and mood. No matter how many hot pot parties you have, your lips will continue to kiss to win.

The face shop

Fmgt Mini lipstick set

How do you travel without a MINI lipstick? The face shop launched fmgt Mini lipstick set in May this year, with goddess series and queen series to choose from.

Choose a good lipstick for yourself, and launch a beautiful shell of a dead man.

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Edited by Fang Guazi