We have looked through the popular sandals of INS, and there will always be a pair for you!

 We have looked through the popular sandals of INS, and there will always be a pair for you!

Count the shoes that come out quickly. Bottega Venetas Square sandals must have a name. After Daniel Lee became the owner of Bottega Veneta, he made a drastic upgrade to the brand. Most of his sandals are designed with square head. Once they are sold, they are sought after by fashion people at home and abroad.

In recent years, the Bulgarian footwear brand byfar, which is deeply loved by young consumer groups, is unique in the design of square head sandals. The retro colors mix with elegant and unique shoe types, and it is intoxicated in minutes

#03 dad sandals

Representative brand: Chanel

Although many people say they really cant understand this straight mens shoe, its really this years real fragrant shoe type! First of all, Dad sandals are called friendly sandals. They wrap the foot backpack with the design of Velcro, so both the high instep and the short fat feet can be covered tightly. In addition, the most important thing is that it has its own pull leg filter. Its not a dream to wear my fathers sandals with legs 2 meters long.

#04pvc sandals

Representative styles: simonerocha, cultgaia

Every girl has a memory of crystal shoes in her childhood. This summer a gust of hot wind will bring PVC sandals back to the fashion circle.

#05 woven sandals

Miista, a small British brand, is famous for its woven shoes. Whether its single color ribbon weaving style or shell mixed ribbon style, the brand presents the aesthetic feeling of weaving art to the extreme. In addition, miista combines the knitting technology with the retro kittens heel, so as to realize the design sense and practicability! Do you want to have it?

After watching so many sandals, are you in love?