Select limited gifts to show love

 Select limited gifts to show love

In this romantic day, bose700 wireless noise cancelling headset - Limited gift box of eternal love, let you listen to the heart throb in the world of love.

Bose700 wireless noise elimination headset has 11 levels of adjustable noise reduction experience, and six microphone combinations significantly eliminate noise; two of them are combined with another pair of microphones, greatly improving the pickup effect. Even in a busy city, at rush hour, or on the platform of the subway, people can have a clear and incomparable call effect.

Bose700 wireless noise cancelling headset - Limited gift box of aiyongsheng, rock white gold color, retail price: 2999 yuan.

Love is romantic Cherry Blossom powder

Master & dynamic launches mw07plus true wireless headset 520 limited color

As a leader in the field of real wireless headphones, master & dynamic, a high-end headphone brand headquartered in New York City, will launch the limited color of mw07plus real wireless headphones 520 - Cherry Blossom powder in the official tmall global flagship store of Master & dynamic from May 18 to May 20, 2020. The new romantic color matching design and its consistent excellent workmanship and sound quality are the ideal choice for the 520.

A pair of beautiful blessings

Qeelin launches the new doublewulu series 520

Qeelin Zhen presents the new doublewulu series, with the smooth lines of the classic gourd as the outline, and nestles the two gourds together, just like the traditional Chinese meaning of good things in pairs and good fortune in succession. Double blessing creates infinite blessing energy and charming charm for the classic and ingenious design.

Qeelins classic Wulu series highlights the brands emphasis on balance and harmony. Each doublewulu jewelry has a pair of big and small gourds made of 18k rose gold and sparkling diamonds. The ingenious design highlights the perfect line of Qeelins iconic elements and gives it a new meaning.

Say love, now!

Harry Winston 520 Zhen presents

Enjoy the sweet life and daily life together, just like this heirui Winston diamond loop series jewelry, they are closely connected in a simple life. And hairy Winston forget me not series of pink corundum and diamond necklaces carry the promise of connecting you and me, cherishing every beautiful moment of getting along, and never forget each other. In the classic water drop cutting diamond, the soft and playful pink color is integrated, adding the romantic and aesthetical flavor of life. Once neglected to express you and me, every day after that, let us not forget to say I love you to each other, let each other snuggle up every second, all have feelings, thank you.

The sense of ceremony is the most serious romance and the most romantic persistence. Chamet Jos u00e9 phine is crowned with love series, which creates a sense of exclusive ceremony and collects romantic unforgettable moments in the shape of crown. The new love wing crown diamond ring, with its tangled and undulating curve like an open wing, spreads the infinite sweetness of love wing through a long distance and concentric wings.

Fred shows his love bravely and remembers the moment

Jijia hand in hand jingbairan uses time to advertise love

On the day of love connecting me and you, my family joined hands with Ambassador Jing bairan. With the brand-new reversal one series wristwatch and the white watch of love, jingbairans unique warmth and firmness were hidden in the wrist as the secret words of love: Burgundy Red conveys the burst of love, turning to the back of the watch, only you can see the deep feeling that belongs to you.

With a new aesthetic concept, Jijia workshop reinterprets the popular womens watch, the reversone series of wristwatches. With clear, powerful and pure smooth lines, it shows the style from the decorative art design and presents the feminine temperament. The new burgundy red dial adds a touch of color. The exquisite radial pattern of the sun is painted with layers of lacquer, which is bright and glossy. It complements the silver white digital time mark and the ice and snow crystal polished fine steel case. The new Burgundy Red alligator leather strap is the finishing touch, echoing the dial. The steel back of the reverse one flip series watch is like a blank canvas, which is used to engrave personalized patterns - it can be a special speech, an important date, or even a customized design. The new Burgundy Red reverse one series wristwatches are full of love color, passing on the secret words of love, injecting a vibrant feminine temperament into the reverse series wristwatches.

True to pure love forever

Hublot Yubo watch and artist Mark Ferrero cooperate to show their love for the new 520

Tagheuer connected smart Watch

Present in red 520

Red is a symbol of passion, vitality and victory, as well as love, courage and firmness. Decorate the gift with the red color full of vitality, connect with the good blessing, and convey the luck and joy.

On May 20 this year, taghoya gave taghoya connected smart wristwatch a new meaning in red, and added great passion to life with red strap. This new generation of smart wristwatch inherits the tradition of pure watch making, and integrates the exquisite elegance of timepiece and the personalized digital experience oriented to multiple sports and life scenes in a unique way. The dazzling red strap brings more passion for life to the wearer and infuses vigor and belief.

Photo source: provided by brand