520 you need a sense of ceremony to get out of the street

 520 you need a sense of ceremony to get out of the street

It can not only fix the face shape, but also play cool. Of course, this sharp tool is not sunglasses. For the practical degree of accessories, sunglasses are the most worthy basic items, and the difficulty of starting is also very small, which is suitable for all kinds of lovers.

When it comes to sunglasses, the most important thing is to choose the mirror for your face. In short, it is to choose the style that can best decorate the face shape according to the face contour.

The round face has no clear face line, and it is too round, so it is very important to create the line of the face. At this time, we need to use square sunglasses to create the line sense of the face and create the edges and corners.


Triangular face refers to the face with a wide cheek but a sharp chin. There is a great difference between different parts. At this time, we need to choose a large-size sunglasses that can cover the cheek part to weaken the difference and make the cheek line appear smooth.


People with diamond face have the advanced sense we often say. They have clear edges and corners, but they will not be too wide. This kind of face shape can select some sunglasses with novel styles to bring the advanced sense to the extreme.


Then there is the most important feeling of lovers. After the above shape selection, if you want to create the dress connection between lovers through sunglasses, the color is the most appropriate way to create the atmosphere of lovers. No matter the choice of similar color system or the style of sunglasses with the same color, they can become the sweet couple in the eyes of others intuitively.


First of all, we can start with color, which is also the easiest way to start. It can be bags of the same color, direct and clear.

It can also use the color connection between bags and other items to create an advanced version of the lovers feeling. Simply speaking, the bag color one person carries can echo the others items, and present the sweet CP feeling in a smarter way.

If you are determined to kill a fashionable blood path among a group of lovers, you can consider starting with materials or elements. It can be different packages, but it can find the same elements in the obvious package differences, or choose the same material to create the same texture, which is a more advanced rule for lovers to go out of the street.

Finally, we can shift our focus to footwear items that both men and women are crazy about. If you want to use shoes as a connection between lovers, the more important is the connection between elements.

The gender attribute of mens and womens shoes in some styles is still very strong, so it is not necessary to buy mens and womens shoes deliberately, as long as we find common elements, we can easily grasp the feeling of lovers.


For example, the same color, with a large area of solid color to attract the eye, in the vision to achieve a striking sense of love.


Or a small part of the same color echo, if you want to make couples feel more obvious in this mode, you can choose a relatively bright color.

The more implicit and fashionable way is to choose the shoes with the same design elements to establish the relationship between lovers, so as to maintain their own style and see the 520cp attribute with new ideas.