T-shirt, black is more fashionable

 T-shirt, black is more fashionable

Black T-shirt can express classic and elegant more than any other color T-shirt. It can also extend sexy or cool feeling, or beautiful or refined beauty in specific collocation.

How to match black T-shirt to break through the limitation of color and show more style outside of leisure and daily life? I have summarized several important methods for you:


Wear it with the necklace of black tee, you can put it across. But if you want to create a high-level texture and intellectual atmosphere, you can choose the long necklace that is implicit and can start to decorate.


Besides the necklace, the exaggerated earrings are also a good accessory to break through the dull feeling of black. Especially when you think that black is not suitable for skin color, the color of earrings near the face is the color that makes you reborn.

Bracelet / watch

The wide version of the metal bracelet, as well as the intellectual womans favorite watch, are good partners of black tee. In other collocations, these embellishments are nothing special, but on the wrist wearing black tee, all simple accessories may make you focus and make you bright.

Silk scarf

In addition, the colorful flowing silk scarf is also the perfect ornament of black tee. Especially in the pure black tee, you can enjoy the gorgeous and gorgeous. The flowers of silk scarves are dense, and the monotony and cool of black tee are dotted.

In this way, just wear a simple black tee in time, you are also in all kinds of fashion.

Not necessarily with positive red, you can choose your favorite mouth red. Just make yourself look energetic, clean and delicate as a whole.

Wearing black tee, Im afraid that I have no spirit and submerge myself in black. As time goes by, I dont know whats so beautiful.

Tight black tee with loose bottoms


For most of us with flat body, we need to use some matching skills in dressing and matching (those with perfect body or relaxed mind can be worn casually).

If you choose a tight black tee, you can create a more harmonious proportion by tightening and loosening, which can also dissolve the leisure feeling of tee and make the whole look more harmonious and graceful.

Show demonstration:



Loose black tee to wear cool and elegant


How to balance coolness and elegance?

The easiest way is to use elegant skirt and black tees cool and natural;

In addition, the use of color with intellectual feeling, into white, khaki collocation, can also bring elegant and fashionable feeling to black tee.

Choose a black tee with a sense of design

When you give up color, you can take the design details to the extreme. In simple black, design is the soul of a match. The detailed BLACK TEE is not boring at all. For example, the following:

Building outline square black tee u25bc

BLACK TEE with sloping shoulder

Knitted long neck tee u25bc

Show demonstration


Big woman style, best for black tee

Sky blue + Blue System


If you like cool womens style, then BLACK TEE is the best one for you.


Fabric is the sinew of all clothes. Especially in simple colors, fabric is the key point to support the overall style and temperament. So when choosing BLACK TEE, you can be a little picky.


BLACK TEE is not simple, nor monotonous. Silence is better than sound. BLACK TEE is the base color of all rich collocations. In the neglected corner of the wardrobe, it is neither popular nor out of fashion. In the future, express your taste and experience.


Its summer again. I always remember the summer related to white tee. This year seems to have wavered. Because I bought a lot of accessories, and thought about how to make them more brilliant, not to steal the limelight of me, but also to make me more charming. Think about it, black tee is the best. Therefore, I decided to recommend a black tee match for you. From a practical point of view, black tee is not the ideal choice for summer; but from the perspective of aesthetic or artistic appreciation, black is the heavyweight choice for wardrobe.

When we choose black tee, maybe its a part of ourselves. Hide naive, simple, young, ignorant, shallow, boring, lively and gorgeous.

I will continue to share color aesthetics after counting thousands