Is it the bottleneck of hairstyle again? Learn the hairstyle of womens troupe, so that you dont need to be different every day

 Is it the bottleneck of hairstyle again? Learn the hairstyle of womens troupe, so that you dont need to be different every day

I guess you are in the bottleneck period of hair style again. Is your hair basically around the daily ball head, simple hair, fashionable low ponytail and playful twist braid? Are you tired of it?

Lets see how plmm womens troupe play with these basic hairstyles

Sweet fried African split ponytail


Suitable for people: less hair, afraid of exposing the scalp

Double ponytail and double meatball head are the hair styles of vigorous girls. Many girls like to try them very much. They are very suitable for cool makeup or sweet makeup!

But as a proper hair loss girl, let alone double ponytail, even single ponytail tied up may show white flower scalp!

Afraid the hair seam is too big and wide? Try these hair treatments! Let you say goodbye to the bald girl in an instant and play with new tricks at the same time.

Hair seam plait

Many people in the middle after the split, the middle of the hair seam will be very obvious, which is one of the signs that make people look bald. Learn Yu Shuxins method of hair seam braiding!

In the distribution area, leave a willow hair in the middle of the forehead. After tying the ponytail on both sides, weave the hair left in the middle into a twist braid, and then block it on the hair seam!

Is it super simple and cute!

Arc seaming

Are you still measuring the super straight hair seams with a ruler? Give up! Turning your hair around will have an unexpected effect

Crisscross hairline

In addition to arc seam, try Z-shaped cross seam! This is also a necessary parting tips for many bald girls.

As long as you draw a lot of small Z characters in the split!

Hair roots curl hair

Other people only need to tie 3 laps of the double ponytail, but you need 4, 5, 6.... 8, 9 laps? Its really pitiful to have a tiny tiny strand of hair tied!

Try to take a small strand from the tied hair, wrap it all around the leather band, and then fix it with a hairpin, so your hair will look very thick! There wont be a little embarrassment of showing skin tendons - and then curl your hair. Who dares to say we are bald girls?!

High! High! High ponytail


Suitable for people: the head shape is not perfect, want to grow 5cm high

For girls with less hair, there is nothing better than a wig! Both double and single tails are applicable!

I dont believe you look at Lisas high ponytail. After adding a wig, is it super realistic and super sassy!

Besides Lisa, Angies ponytail also has a little wig

Meng Meiqis high ponytail, which has recently been on the hot search list, is also made of wigs. Is the effect super nice to be handsome!!!

Excessive hair volume

Too much hair, small hands, really cant tie a good high ponytail?

Then try to tie your hair in batches! First, the hair is divided into two parts, the upper part is tied up, and then the lower part is tied up to the upper part, so it is finished!

Low Ponytail Hair

Suitable for people: Japanese sweet girl

Last summer, I tried the double ponytail twist braid. Lets add some patterns to your twist braid this year!

Fancy weave

Cai Zhuoyis braided hair is actually very simple, as long as the hair is pulled slightly on the basis of the twist braid, my eyes tell me, I can again! But my hands dont work at all

If you are really a disabled party, Feng Ruohangs Lantern braid is the bottom line!

Tie your hair into a pair of ponytails, tie it with a small leather band, one section at a time, and then pull it loose! Is it super simple?!

Unilateral plait


Are you tired of curling your hair? Then make it up for your one side! Absolutely cool and refreshing.

If you dont talk much, Ill teach you some tips on editing and distributing

Distribution area will be more important when side editing! Choose to distribute the hair in the middle, thats a proper small public exercise style!

If you want to be playful, you can lengthen the hair area of the braided hair, and you can also make the braid thicker, which will add points for the loveliness.

Want to be cool?! It is necessary to shorten the hair area of the braided hair and make the braids more delicate, so as to look more neat.

Its also a super cool choice to weave colorful hair into your hair. You dont hip-hop who hip-hop!

Product recommendation

Floret hairpin

You can be as sweet as Cai Zhuoyi if you put this little flower hair clip on the post editing hair clip!

Wig piece

With it, you are the queen of hair!

Colored gold thread

Have you learned? Learn to change your hair style! You can choose sweet cool!

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