Whose wallet has this womens dress emptied?

 Whose wallet has this womens dress emptied?

JK uniform is not a kind of COS costume. It originated from the school uniform skirt of Japanese female high school students. Its the shape of sailor month you remember.

According to a survey, JK uniform has always been one of girls favorite clothes.

Although its design is not fancy, but for some girls, it is more like an emotional sustenance. After all, the dress accompanied them through adolescence and sweet or bitter student time.

At first glance, JK skirt and pleated skirt are very similar, but in fact, they are totally different.

The pleats of JK skirt are sewn up, and the pleats processed by high-temperature pleating process are also sharper and straighter than those of ordinary pleated skirt, even if you sit for a long time, it is not easy to become loose and wrinkled. There are usually 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 pleats, among which 24 pleats are the most common.

Second, JK skirt is generally copper buckle, while pleated skirt is zipper and snap, in addition, the number of plaid JK pleated skirt is also different.

The domestic JK uniform is known as one of the three bankruptcy pits, because it really burns money. The first two pits are Hanfu and Lolita Dress respectively.


JK plaid skirt is often mentioned in China, similar to our common Plaid pleated skirt.

The permanent grid pattern is also one of the most classic elements in the fashion circle. Its no wonder that women take turns to punch in with their strength to perform fashionable tone.

The collocation of this small skirt is very much, such as T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, knitted sweaters, etc., but it can be salt and sweet, and its all match.

The effect of lengthening leg lines is very obvious, which is very suitable for small girls.

(picture from Guan Xiaotongs microblog)

Let JK skirt no longer stick to the academic style, but also retain the girlish atmosphere.

Guess someone would say, I want to wear it but Im not allowed to have a figure. Without the legs of a girl group and the waist of an ant, a fat girl is wearing a lampshade..

Here, we should pay attention to avoid over tight upper body, exposing the defects of big waist in minutes; secondly, the bottom of A-shaped skirt is 100 times more friendly than that of buttock skirt and straight skirt!

There is also a solution, that is... Good ~ first quit group chat to lose weight!

In addition to plaid, there is also this kind of striped skirt.

The answer is not obvious. Soft girls always have more market than straight men.


JK skirt color is divided into two kinds of solid color and plaid, solid color skirt is mainly dark color.

With croptop and JK skirt, small leather shoes and high stockings, it combines the spirit of BM and JK, sweet and cool.

(image from Kaiya INS)

JK skirt clean version, everywhere full of youth and lovely breath, no wonder by three-dimensional girls love.

Can you accept going out in a JK uniform? For example, shirt + pleated skirt + leather shoes.

Slightly A-shaped skirt is just suitable for many girls with pear shaped figure. Loose hem can cover up the shortcomings of large hip circumference and thick legs.

Although most of the girls in JK uniform circle are female high school students and college students, the age is between 16-25 years old, and the majority are under 20 years old.

(picture from Liu Taos microblog)

Short pleated skirt shows long legs. Its cool and lovely in summer.

In daily life, JK skirt is very OK no matter with T-shirt or shirt. Its full of campus feeling. You can try it if you want to go back to 18 years old.

In addition to black and white and gray, you can also choose some jumping colors in summer, such as turquoise, which can be fashionable and upgraded even with ordinary tops.

Pure color pleated skirt is more versatile. It can be used with printed or tie dyed knitwear for up fashion!

The momentum of JK skirt has been strong enough to be ignored. Although it is not a very daily style for most people, it can be used to mix and match the piece with your own street style.

Finally, if you meet a girl in the third pit, you must say hello and meet her, because they are the real invisible rich!

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