The first one to return to India by chartered plane

 The first one to return to India by chartered plane

After arriving at the apron, the passengers boarded 5 connecting buses in batches and left, and all boarded at about 7:20 a.m. Most of the passengers put on masks when getting off the plane, and some of them put on masks and full protective clothing at the same time.

Upon arrival, all passengers will be transferred by special bus to the temporary sample collection center of the Department of health in the Asia International Expo Hall for new coronavirus test. After collecting samples of deep throat saliva, they took a special bus to the quarantine center of junyang estate for 14 days of compulsory quarantine.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong SAR government said that the cost of charter flights is paid by the users. As the overall cost of charter flights is lower than expected, and the number of people who take charter flights is also higher than the original plan, the cost of each passenger (excluding children who do not occupy a seat) is about HK $3800, which is a big reduction from the previous estimate of HK $8000.

A government spokesman said last week that the Immigration Department had successfully contacted about 3500 Hong Kong residents stranded in India and had preliminary information about their personal data and location. They are living in different places in India. The government will continue to keep close contact with them and assist them to return to Hong Kong in batches according to the actual situation.

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