Media comments on the improvement of national compensation standard

 Media comments on the improvement of national compensation standard

State compensation has always been a relatively sensitive topic. When faced with a specific case of wrongdoing, some people insist that only a large amount of compensation can make up for the harm and life of the party concerned. Especially when the amount of compensation for personal freedom per day is statutory, some people often have unrealistic expectations for compensation for mental damage.

The reason for this is unrealistic expectation. On the one hand, although state compensation for mental damage does not have specific legal standards like compensation for infringing citizens personal freedom, it also has legal provisions, so it is impossible to obtain relief beyond the scope of legal provisions based on subjective assumptions. On the other hand, in addition to relief, state compensation law also covers compensation for mental damage Including other ways of compensation such as eliminating the influence for the victim, restoring reputation, making an apology. That is to say, all kinds of efforts made by the judicial organs to repair the social relations damaged by the wronged cases are also part of the compensation for mental damage. It is not only a way to obtain cash that belongs to the compensation for mental damage.

For example, in the case of Zhao Zuohai, which is well known to the public, the court provides jobs for Zhao Zuohai to support himself and be respected, which is also a kind of beneficial and necessary compensation for mental damage.

In fact, the road of life can be twists and turns, but it is the individuals efforts and choices that ultimately play a decisive role. After going through prison, Chu Shijian once again created the Chu orange miracle at the age of 70. Zhao Zuohai, after receiving a huge amount of state compensation, did not live an ideal happy life, but still had to face all kinds of lifes disappointments.

The reality tells us that the significance of state compensation lies in the respect and protection of civil rights by the state, but it is impossible to write a new life for anyone. Therefore, the state compensation cant be judged by how much. Only by judicial progress to reduce and put an end to the occurrence of unjust cases, let the people feel the fairness and justice from every judicial case, is the purpose and true meaning of state compensation.