Can you believe it? Cantor has thick hair. Its hard to get a haircut at home every day

 Can you believe it? Cantor has thick hair. Its hard to get a haircut at home every day

As can be seen from the photos provided by the daily mirror, Cantor is in good shape and not fat, but his hair appears on his head, which is quite unexpected. As we all know, Cantor has always been the image of bareheaded, looking very capable. This time, Cantors hair has grown for the first time. Why? Fans speculate that this is probably caused by staying at home. Cantors head used to look like this:

During the outbreak, the players were basically staying at home, unable to go out for haircuts. So players like Cantor can only grow their hair vigorously on top of their heads. It also shows from another point of view that Cantor has strictly complied with the quarantine regulations in the past two months, and he has not gone out illegally.

In fact, the Chelsea team is not only Cantors hair significantly increased. Goalkeeper kaipa, young general mount, ruozinho and other peoples hair has also grown a lot, looks very sloppy.. However, big GIRUs hair is still very beautiful. He uses a lot of hair gel and looks very handsome.

Yesterday, Ashley Youngs hair style was also exposed by the British media. Professor Yang has been bald for so many years. He has a special passion for bald hair. After joining Inter, he asked hairdressers from England to cut his hair in Italy, shocked a group of small partners. However, Ashley Youngs hair has grown from her recent long stay at home, which at first glance makes people feel uncomfortable.

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