Trumps ultimatum to who: isolating him internationally

 Trumps ultimatum to who: isolating him internationally

In the letter, trump said that professional publications such as the Lancet published research articles on the new coronavirus as early as last December, but were ignored by who. Houghton, editor in chief of the lancet, later tweeted that the statement was untrue, saying the journal had not published anything about it in December. The lancet issued a statement reminding trump that any review of the international communitys response to the epidemic should be based on accurate facts.

CNN said it criticized China and international agencies for troubling the United States throughout Trumps presidency. His latest threat comes at a time of concern: the new coronavirus has killed more than 90000 Americans and taken it from the world thirty-one point eight Ten thousand lives. Britains guardian said Monday that Trumps threat to withdraw from who at the time of the World Health Assembly was like an ultimatum to the organization. Its time for the world to work together under the leadership of who to fight the epidemic, not to threaten or intimidate this international health authority. Egypts news point of view represents the voice of many foreign media.

Trump, like other leaders of major countries, should have discussed the global anti epidemic strategy with representatives of other countries at the World Health Assembly. But he told reporters on the 18th that he refused the invitation of the WHO video speech. Trump then accused who of being Chinas puppet.. On the same day, Azar, the Minister of health and human services, who represented the United States at the World Health Assembly, followed Trumps tone in his speech, criticizing who for failing to get the information the world needs, a failure that resulted in many deaths. He also claimed that in order to cover up the epidemic, at least one member state ignored the obligation of transparency and made the world pay a huge price. The New York Times said Azar didnt name, but was clearly talking about China.

The Wall Street Journal said that during the conference, the United States has been promoting two geopolitical actions, one is to support Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly as an observer, the other is to launch a global investigation into Chinas response to the epidemic, but both actions failed. Reporters from the Global Times noted that compared with the previous who conference, the president of this years conference has a more decisive and clear attitude towards Taiwan related proposals. In the previous three who conferences, Taiwan related proposals have been given the opportunity to have two on two limited debate for many times. However, this year, the president directly announced that the proposal of inviting Taiwan region to participate in the World Health Assembly as an observer would not be discussed at this meeting, and that relevant issues would be left to be discussed at the resumed session of the general assembly in the second half of this year. The New York Times commented that Washingtons efforts to support Taiwan ended in failure, as evidenced by its weak diplomatic power.

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