Tianmen Mountain wing flight crash girls last jump miracle never happened

 Tianmen Mountain wing flight crash girls last jump miracle never happened

On May 12, a cultural media company in Beijing filmed a short documentary about extreme sports in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. A female wing mounted pilot lost contact during the flight due to deviation from the planned route.

According to the plan, an, wearing a large white wing suit, left the cabin with his teammate Jiang Quan (pseudonym), and Jiang Quan photographed her entire flight path. She made several trial jumps, all of which successfully opened a parachute and landed in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain.

The accident happened during the official shooting of the last wing flight. During the flight, Anan deviated from the planned route after encountering cloud cover and lost contact after leaving the shooting range. It is uncertain whether she opened the parachute or not, several insiders in the wing mounted flight circle told reporters.

After the incident, local government departments quickly carried out the search and rescue work, dispatching fire brigade, blue sky rescue team, camera crew, scenic area staff and local villagers familiar with the terrain to carry out joint search and rescue at the first time. A member of the blue sky rescue team who participated in the search and rescue told reporters that due to the steep shape of Tianmen Mountain, dense trees and low visibility, but Anan didnt carry a mobile phone or GPS device with him, it was difficult to fix the point, the search and rescue is very difficult, we try our best to find it, hoping for a miracle.

But in the end, the miracle didnt happen.

Accidental loss of connection

On May 12, Anan released a video of a trial jump in Tianmen Mountain on the social platform. She flew over several mountains, opened her parachute and landed in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain. She slipped on her feet for a distance, fell on the edge of the road, almost hit the Road Post. She got up and touched the belt of her safety helmet. The staff around the observation ran to help her hold the parachute.

On May 12, Anan posted a picture of Tianmen Mountains trial jump on the social platform. Picture provided by interviewee

For her, several pre jumps can land at the designated landing point, and this official shooting can be completed completely. Anan friend Qin Feng (pseudonym) told reporters that the shooting site was chosen in Tianmen Mountain, and he thought that the activity must have reduced the difficulty of wing flight.

Liu Gang, a person in the circle, told reporters that the Tianmenshan route is a route planned and attempted by Jiang Quan and Anan for many times. Jiang Quans wing mounted flight times have reached 2000, which is the top level among domestic enthusiasts. Theoretically, there is no problem in the selection of flight route, the height of planned parachute opening area and the final landing point..

According to the plan, when the helicopter flies to about 2500 meters above Tianmen Mountain, Jiang Quan and an leave the cabin one before and one after another. During the descent, they will control the wing to enter the route around the mountain. Jiang Quan will take a picture of her whole flight path. She will fly over several photography stands at the top of the mountain, and then open a parachute to land in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain.

On May 12, Anan made a formal wing mounted flight photo. Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain is overcast, and the weather forecast shows wind force of 1-2 level. Many insiders told reporters that it initially meets the weather conditions of wing flight, but it is impossible to predict whether there will be sudden wind and fog between the mountains. It needs to be judged again before flight.

In the video of Anans formal wing suit flight, Anan dressed in a black vest arranges, wears wing suit and parachute bag. Ans friend Li Li (pseudonym) told reporters that the wing suit is customized according to ans technical level and body shape, and the parachute needs to be folded by itself. After getting on the helicopter, she was dressed in a large white wing suit and left the cabin with her teammate Jiang Quan (pseudonym),

At about 11 a.m., Jiang Quan landed in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain and found that an did not follow. Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain scenic spot reported that after the incident, the camera crew and Tianmen Mountain scenic spot immediately mobilized two helicopters and multiple drones to carry out carpet search over all possible mountains.

Qin Feng told reporters that Jiang Quanhe and the photographers who took part in the shooting found that during the flight, an ran out of the planned route and left the shooting range after encountering cloud cover. Its not clear if she opened her parachute and where to land.

That afternoon, Qin Feng received a call for help, only to realize that something may have happened, while Anan didnt carry a mobile phone or GPS device and couldnt locate.

Shes got a lot of extreme sports on her

At the end of last year, Qin Feng learned that Anan was selected by a film and television company in Beijing to shoot the documentary women playing extreme sports in China. Qin Feng said its no surprise. He said that Anan is a comprehensive extreme sports player. She plays very well in parachuting, diving, skiing and cross-country motorcycles. In several wechat groups, we can see that she is either parachuting here or skiing or diving there. She has a lot of flash points in extreme sports..

Ann parachutes in Dubai. Pictures from the Internet

Ann recorded the course of extreme sports on her social account. In the winter vacation of the first year of 2016, she began to engage in extreme sports, first snowboarding, and then learned to dive, and obtained the certificate of free diving; in 2018, she overcame her fear of heights, began to learn wind tunnel sports and parachute jumping, and also won the third place in the national wind tunnel competition.

To live for myself, I like the outside world, I like to challenge myself, to pursue the feeling of transcending the physical limit, and to pursue the sense of pleasure and achievement when transcending psychological barriers. She wrote on social platforms.

Anan will also record the autumn in Beijing, Sanya and the seaside in the Philippines. Netizens say that her photos have a strong personal style. She will send photos of playing with the doll grabbing machine and put a row of bear dolls on it with the text praise me for being super powerful. She and her friends have an appointment to catch the dolls next time.

In the winter of 2018, Li Li met Ann at the parachute jumping base in Dubai. She was very young and lively. She would take the initiative to exchange parachute jumping experience with everyone. During that time, her independent parachute jumping reached the 200th jump. Li Li remembered that she was very excited. She said she could find a coach to learn about wing flying.

Li Li said that she can feel Anns love for extreme sports. She is very studious and usually exchanges skydiving experience. Anan started to fly in wing suit at the 201 th jump. She wore a flying suit with two wings and parachute equipment. The front of the wing suit was narrow and the back was wide, forming an expansion air bag. She opened the two wings air bags with her hands open, controlling the angle and size of her body and wings, and forming a lift to drive her forward flight.

Li Li remembers that Ann first learned to wear a wing suit with the smallest specification. When she saw Ann again at Dubai skydiving base in March this year, she had been able to control the flight of big wing suit very well. At this time, Ann had completed more than 500 independent parachutes, including more than 300 wing suit flights. She can keep a good balance in the high altitude and do many difficult movements, which are the movements of many famous wing mounted pilots in the world.

Qin Feng told reporters that at the beginning of 2019, Anan bought parachute equipment for low-altitude flight, which requires hundreds of high-altitude wing flight before learning. She joked, you can lend the old parachute to you.

Wing flight experience may be insufficient

Li Li commented that the flying of Anan Yizhuang in the circle has been a great deity, and her technology is very good.

However, many insiders pointed out that Anans wing flight experience or level may not be able to control the difficulty of Tianmen Mountain route. Tianmen Mountain is a relatively mature wing mounted flight site in China, with a steep shape. It is a good low-altitude flight route to jump into the cliff from the sightseeing platform at the top of the main peak.

Low altitude wing is more difficult and dangerous to fly, and there is no fault tolerance rate. Li explained that wing flight can be divided into high altitude wing flight and low altitude wing flight. High altitude wing flight generally takes off from the helicopter at a height of at least 2000 meters above the ground, while low altitude wing flight takes off at a fixed point, for example, the observation platform of Tianmen Mountain can be used as a fixed point. High altitude flight is enough, so you have time to open the parachute. There is a problem with one parachute and a spare parachute, but there is no fault tolerance in low altitude flight. Some people have nothing to do with their lives Theres something wrong with one jump.

Since 2012, Tianmen Mountain has held eight wing mounted flying world championships, and a group of challengers will be invited to participate every year. As a result, Tianmen Mountain has become a training ground for professional wing outfit pilots at home and abroad. Zhang Shupeng, a professional wing outfit pilot in China, said in an interview that he has flown in Tianmen Mountain more than 1000 times. Maybe every Chinese winged pilot has a dream of flying to Tianmen Mountain. Qin Feng said.

On September 6, 2019, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, the next days performance of the 2019 wing flight world championship. Image from visual China

Liu Gang, a senior wing mounted pilot, said that as a non professional player, Anans flight route is not the same as that of the professional player. She took off from a helicopter 2500 meters above the ground, which belongs to the category of high-altitude wing flight. The whole flight process is open, the difficulty is greatly reduced, and the risk relativity is lower.

However, this is not a pure high-altitude wing flight. After taking off from the helicopter, Anan will fly through several camera positions at the top of the mountain. The flight height will drop to 300 meters from the top of the mountain, and then enter the low-altitude wing flight area, which requires her to find the route during the high-speed descent.

Its very difficult to complete the process of jumping off the helicopter and flying to the planned low altitude route, Liu Gang told reporters. The pilot needs to constantly confirm the altimeter and confirm that he can open the parachute at a height of about 800 meters. Wing loading speed is fast. You need to slow down and buffer before opening the parachute. If you dont respond, you may not have time to open the parachute.

300 or so wing mounted flights are still too few, and Anns total jumps are not enough. Liu Gang said frankly that Anans wing flight experience is a good standard in China, but looking around the world, she is still a novice. Ive jumped more than 1200 with wing parachute, and its still the stage of learning and training. Anan should still explore and be familiar with this freak-3 wing now.

The route is no problem in theory, but Anans wing flight experience is insufficient. He went to a strange but not open environment, and the altitude drop has become much lower. There is no reference in the process, so its easy to judge if he has insufficient experience. Liu Gang said.

Its an oversight not to bring GPS and cell phones. Several circle insiders told reporters that this is the communication equipment that needs to be carried in each wing flight, which can be placed in the front pocket of the wing, to prevent not landing in the designated landing site, you can contact the base to send a car to pick up, or directly call the police for help. Liu Gang said that in the video shooting activities, the pilots even choose to wear Bluetooth headset to keep communication.

Day 7 of search and rescue

The news of Anans loss of contact caused a shock in the skydiving circle and extreme sports circle group. Its shocking and unexpected. Everyone is asking what can be done, Qin Feng said. The skydiving circle is very small, with four or five groups adding up less than two thousand people. So everyone is familiar with it. Shes a good umbrella friend.

Almost all the friends in the group forwarded the help information on various social platforms. They contacted the rescue team nearby. The blue sky rescue team, Changsha Yuelu blue sky rescue team and the folk rescue team from Sichuan arrived at Tianmen Mountain on the same day.

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain scenic spot reported that in the afternoon of May 12, the local government quickly arrived at the scene to carry out search and rescue work, dispatching fire brigade, blue sky rescue team, camera crew, scenic area staff and local villagers familiar with the terrain to carry out joint search and rescue at the first time. Because it rained for the next two days, it was very difficult to search and rescue, Li said. We have been waiting for news.

After the woman lost contact, many rescue forces carried out search and rescue in Tianmen Mountain. Picture provided by interviewee

A number of people familiar with the matter said that Anan needs to sign an exemption agreement with the participants before participating in wing mounted flight activities.

The reporter contacted the companys relevant person in charge for many times, and the other side said, its inconvenient to be interviewed at present, all subject to the official information.

Liu Gang explained that the exemption agreement is signed by all the challengers of extreme sports. After all, we are all trained. The parachute jumping base just provides us with airplanes to take us up. After jumping out, its completely our own behavior.

On the afternoon of May 14, two classes of Guan Fu (pseudonym), a member of the blue sky rescue team, rushed to Tianmen Mountain for rescue. He remembered that according to the surveillance video provided by the staff of Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, Anan disappeared in the picture after falling for a second or two.

However, Anan didnt carry mobile phones or GPS devices with him, so he couldnt locate the location, which made the rescue more difficult. According to the video, the scenic area staff and the active party defined the search and rescue area, including five peaks.

The rescue area preliminarily designated by the rescue team. Picture provided by interviewee

Blind search, I dont know which direction to go. The search and rescue area is very big and difficult. Guan Fu told reporters that these mountains are densely forested because of the steep shape of Tianmen Mountain, dense trees and low visibility. The UAV can only photograph dense forests, and can only rely on search team-mates to search along trees. It will take a day or two to find a peak.

More than 10 rescue team members take Cableways to enter the mountain. They need to put down a 100 meter rope from the Tianmen Mountain observation platform and walk down the steep slope. Guan Fu remembers that the slope of the rock wall is 85 degrees, and the wall is covered with moss. Its very slippery to step on it. From time to time, he hears the voice of his team-mates sliding feet. I dare not see it. Im afraid that I might slide down the cliff accidentally.

When its drizzling, the forest is dark, the mountain road is muddy, and the speed of search and rescue is not fast. At the middle of the mountain, Guan Fu and his teammates shouted Anns name. The valley echoed from time to time, but no one responded. Local villagers search and rescue an an from the foot of the mountain. Guan Fu will ask the villagers all the way from the top of the mountain, how is it? At 10 oclock in the evening, there was no progress, Guan Fu told reporters, only to find that his feet were bitten by leeches on the cliff.

We feel a sense of loss every day when we go down the mountain. We try our best to find it every day, hoping for a miracle. Guan Fu said that two years ago, an accident happened in Zhangjiajie where a wing mounted flying enthusiast died. People who want to do extreme sports should put their lives first.

Zhangjiajie Emergency Management Bureau staff introduced that the body was first found by local villagers, blue sky rescue team members confirmed to the missing woman coach, through flight equipment, the body was basically identified as a missing woman. At present, Zhangjiajie police have rushed to the site where the remains were found.

The news of Anans death was sent back to each wing flight group, we are in a complex mood, and a lively person said that we will not have it. But everyones pursuit and yearning are different. Maybe the only thing Im sorry for is my parents. At least now my parents can take her home, Qin said

In October 2019, in an exclusive interview with the self media of extreme sports, Anan mentioned that after contacting extreme sports, she experienced the injury and departure of her friends around her. She signed a volunteer letter for donation of human organs. She said, I hope that if there is an accident in life, I can do my best to help more people.