U.S. stocks fell sharply at the end of the day 4.6percent , baidu up 2percent

 U.S. stocks fell sharply at the end of the day 4.6percent , baidu up 2percent

Tech heavyweights mostly fell in Tuesday trading in the US, while Apple shares closed at three hundred and thirteen point one four Dollar, down 0.58% ; Google parent company alphabet shares closed at one thousand three hundred and seventy-three point four eight Dollar, down 0.76% ; Amazon closed two thousand four hundred and forty-nine point three three Dollar, up 0.95% ; Microsoft closed one hundred and eighty-three point six three Dollar, down 0.69% ; Facebook to two hundred and sixteen point eight eight Dollar, up 1.73% ; Oracle to fifty-two point three four Dollar, down 1.52% ; received by IBM to one hundred and twenty point two nine Dollar, down 1.04% ; Netflix to close four hundred and fifty-one point zero four Dollar, down 0.34% ; Tesla to eight hundred and eight point zero one Dollar, down 0.69% ; Uber fell 0.65% ; LYFT up 0.85% u3002

Leading chip companies in the US ended mixed, with Intel closing sixty point two nine Dollar, up 0.62% ; NVIDIA closed three hundred and fifty-two point two two Dollar, up 0.63% ; botom closed two hundred and seventy-one point nine five Dollar, down 0.58% ; Texas Instruments closed one hundred and twelve point six eight Dollar, down 1.52% ; Qualcomm closed seventy-eight point zero nine Dollar, down 2.31% ; amd closed fifty-five point four seven Dollar, up 1.61% ; Meguiar technology fell 1.74% ; rise of Applied Materials Company 2.01% u3002

China equities listed in the US ended mixed, with Netease closing at three hundred and ninety-five point six nine Dollar, up 3.62% ; Alibaba closed two hundred and seventeen point two zero Dollar, up 0.89% ; Jingdong to fifty-four point two six Dollar, down 2.29% ; Baidu closed one hundred and nine point seven five Dollar, up 2.01% ; pinduoduo sixty-three point zero nine Dollar, down 5.07% ; Bili bili thirty-five point two two Dollar, up 4.63% ; tal closed fifty-five point nine four Dollar, up 1.69% ; IQI Art closed seventeen point six six Dollar, down 3.66% Learn from thirty-three point eight eight Dollar, up 3.17% ; Weibo thirty-five point eight nine Dollar, down 1.94% ; Sina fell 0.35% ; Sohu falls 0.37% ; Sogou falls 3.17% ; Ctrip 1.06% ; 51job 2.10% ; home of cars 1.50% ; 58 down in the same city 1.58% , weilaizhang 2.22% , Jinshan Yunli 1.78% u3002

Who to learn from 3.17% , the companys share price fell sharply yesterday 7.31% The reason is that muddy water issued a short report on the company.

Major U.S. stock indexes came under pressure in the last hour of trading after reports on statnews, a medical news website, raised concerns about the results of a possible new crown vaccine trial by Moderna. The share price of the biotech company has fallen 10.4% u3002 The companys share price soared yesterday when it announced that a possible new coronavirus vaccine had tested positive in the first phase 19.96% u3002

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been diagnosed in over 4 million 800 thousand cases worldwide, including 1 million 500 thousand cases in the United States, according to the compiled data from Johns Hopkins University.

U.S. stocks rebounded strongly on Monday, with the Dow and S & P 500 both recording their biggest one-day gains since April 6. Investors were cheered by early positive signs from a trial new crown vaccine from Modena. The Dow rose more than 900 points, while the S & P 500 closed higher 3.2% , the highest level since March 6.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the driving force for more market growth and growth, with more than 100 treatments and vaccines, medical breakthroughs, more sophisticated testing and tracking models and government support, said Mark Hyafil, chief investment officer at UBS global wealth management, MarkHaefele. But we cannot rule out the possibility of a downward trend, which may be triggered by a second wave of outbreaks.

Source: NetEase science and technology report editor: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541