Net red with hot goods Weiya PK lijiaqi! Here comes the full list of a shares

 Net red with hot goods Weiya PK lijiaqi! Here comes the full list of a shares

In the A-share market, leading stocks have made amazing profits. Mengjie shares 8 days 7 board, even the letter of concern can not extinguish the recent hand in hand Taobao live sister Weiya and the fierce momentum. The first share of the electricity supplier mask is doubled in the 17 day of the royal household exchange: 8000 live broadcasting a year, but it is denied that it is the net red economic representative.

The air outlet of live broadcast with goods is really amazing, and the data also frequently brush out new highs: sales volume of Li Jiaqi at May 17 snack Festival Three point five Vivia Three point nine Liu Taos first live show one point four eight Billion, CCTVs Four Heavenly Kings live broadcast three hours with 500 million yuan of goods, Dong Mingzhus Jingdong live broadcast with sales of more than 700 million.... with hundreds of millions of second light data, so many people from all walks of life have joined in recently u3002 However, compared with the online delivery, the delivery ability of the live network red is not inferior, especially the delivery first sister Weiya and delivery first brother Li Jiaqi.

Fan Junhao, an analyst at CICC, pointed out in the research report that the Internet red economy is developing with the emergence of Internet red. After gaining the publics attention, netred uses its own or teams popularity to realize a certain way, and then obtains economic benefits.

In 2019, the scale of Chinas online Red economy market is more than 500 billion yuan, among which the two major industries online Red e-commerce and advertising marketing, especially the direct broadcast e-commerce, are developing rapidly, with a scale of 433.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 226%. Fan Junhao, an analyst of CICC, predicts that it is expected to reach nearly 100 billion yuan in 2020.

The interpretation column of the associated press telegram, together with star data, has previously sorted out the list of concept stocks of Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, as shown in the following table:

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Financial Association_ NF4425