Industry: Zuckerberg is most afraid that people will lose interest in Facebook

 Industry: Zuckerberg is most afraid that people will lose interest in Facebook

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Q: why is Zuckerberg increasingly involved in all aspects of the company?

Q: would Facebook be better off if Zuckerberg learned more?

Q: why Zuckerberg was so high-profile during the new crown epidemic, such as an open interview with infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauciuff08 Dr.AnthonyFuci uff09And live on Facebook?

Isaac: its part of Zuckerbergs job to be a visible leader, and I think hes aware of that. Healing his illness is also one of the goals of his personal philanthropy. Zuckerberg is setting an example, believing that Facebook can help reliable information spread quickly. His employees are working hard because he believes its a time to show that Facebook can do more good than bad in the world.

Q: will Facebook do more good than bad?

Isaac: Ive been thinking about it for a long time. Is there a way to calculate the good Facebook does, or measure the harm it does, and decide which side wins? How is that possible. For many people, the question is if a product causes serious injury, including death, should it still exist? If you ask Zuckerberg this question, Im sure he will give a positive answer. But should it be up to the creators of Facebook to decide?

Isaac: dominance is fleeting, especially in technology. I think thats why mark cant sleep at night. He worries that people will lose interest in Facebook and that competitors outside the US will catch up with Facebook. These are legitimate concerns. But when three billion people use one of the companys apps and Facebook continues to make more money, its hard for most people to understand his point. He was afraid that his power would be usurped, but it didnt seem to happen soon. (small)