Watford has three positives, including one player captain Dick: I refuse to train

 Watford has three positives, including one player captain Dick: I refuse to train

The announcement went on: according to the Premier League restart plan, the three men will now be isolated for seven days before a new virus test. The club will strictly abide by the Premier League guidelines, ensure that the training ground remains virus-free and provide a safe environment for players to continue training. The club will continue to maintain close contact with those affected by the virus and there is no further comment.

It is worth mentioning that Watford, currently ranked 17th in the Premier League, is one of the strongest opponents of the Premier Leagues plan to resume the game. Before that, Watford captain Troy Dini and manager Nigel Pearson had publicly expressed their concerns about the early resumption of the league during the outbreak. However, the mirror revealed that after the club was confirmed to be positive for three peoples virus, although some Watford players still intend to go to the training ground for non-contact training on Wednesday, some players are reconsidering their options.

Waterford captain Troy Dini announced on YouTube live on Tuesday that he would not train for the team on Wednesday. Only one person can infect the virus in the whole team. I dont want to take the virus home. My son is only five months old, he has some breathing difficulties, so I dont want to take the virus home to put him in greater danger. Now players have to drive home when they cant take a bath after training, which may bring back dirty things. If I put my clothes together with my wifes and sons, it may be contagious.

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