Shen Dianxias daughters recent exposure

 Shen Dianxias daughters recent exposure

In addition to the large living room, the bathroom, dining room and bedroom of the mansion have also appeared in the video. The interior color is mainly white and light gray, and the overall style is simple and elegant. However, from the details of mirror wall and high-end lighting, the decoration is quite meticulous.

In the video, Zheng Xinyi has been playing with you all the time, surrounded by laughter, singing birthday songs for friends, playing cards with you, busy, I can see that life is very positive, and I have a good life.

Although Zheng Xinyi currently lives in a fabulous mansion, she has no worries about food and clothing, but in fact, as the second generation of stars, she has experienced a difficult period of time.

So before he was 35 years old, Zheng Xinyi had been very poor in life. At one time, he was so poor that only 26 Hong Kong dollars (about 23 yuan) remained in his account.