Global novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases exceed 4 million 880 thousand deaths and more than 320 thousand cases.

 Global novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases exceed 4 million 880 thousand deaths and more than 320 thousand cases.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University of Beijing showed that up to 6:20 around May 20th, there were more than 4 million 880 thousand cases of new crown pneumonia in the world, with 4881619 cases and 322457 deaths. Among them, 1524107 cases were confirmed and 91661 cases died in the United States.

At present, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in six countries exceeds 200000, including Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Brazil, in addition to the United States. In addition, France, Germany, Turkey, Iran and India all have more than 100000 confirmed cases.

Us Canadian border closure extended to June 21

On May 19 local time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the US Canadian border would remain closed until June 21. At present, unnecessary travel is prohibited at the border, but commercial traffic and personnel working in US hospitals are allowed to continue to transit.

Trump: considering a travel ban on Latin America

CNN just reported that U.S. President trump said Tuesday that he is considering a travel ban on Latin America, especially Brazil. At present, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Brazil has become the third largest country in the world, after the United States and Russia.

17408 new confirmed cases in Brazil, the largest increase in a single day, accumulating more than 270000 cases

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Brazil alone, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health in Brazil, according to the latest media reports. 17408 cases were diagnosed on a single day, the largest increase since the outbreak of the outbreak in the country, 271628 cases were confirmed, 1179 new deaths and 17971 deaths. The total number of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Brazil is the third largest in the world, second only to the United States and Russia.

Resolution adopted by the World Health Assembly to deal with the epidemic: finding the source of new coronavirus

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine. The resolution is a key to the World Health Organization. The resolution confirms the key leadership role of the WHO and the importance of strengthening multilateral cooperation in coping with the new crown pneumonia pandemic and its wide negative effects. It recognizes that the new crown vaccine needs to serve the global public health service and carry out the large-scale vaccination program to end the new crown pneumonia pandemic.

The resolution calls for the consideration of the implementation of whos guidance and recommendations based on national conditions, the promotion of private sector and government funding for R & D and the sharing of relevant information with who, as well as the provision of sustainable funding to who, to ensure that who fully meets public health needs and does not allow anyone to fall behind.

The resolution calls for the identification of animal sources and routes of transmission of the new coronavirus to humans, including the possible role of intermediate hosts, in order to reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future; in consultation with Member States, and as soon as appropriate, a fair, independent and comprehensive assessment process should be initiated gradually, recalling and summarizing the experience and lessons learned in the field of international health response coordinated by who.

British Bureau of Statistics: more than 40000 people died in the new crown nursing home

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was associated with 9980 deaths in the nursing homes in England and Welsh areas as of May 8th, according to the National Bureau of statistics. In addition, 1411 novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths were reported in the second week of May in England sanatorium. The figures do not include Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Overall, more than a quarter of all new coronavirus deaths have occurred in nursing homes in the UK. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been more than 40 thousand in Britain, according to 19 data from the National Bureau of statistics.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia death in Britain was 34796 at 17 hours local time, according to the Ministry of health and social security in May 17th. Novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths are only confirmed by the British governments daily data.

Russian Ministry of health decides to suspend routine vaccination for adults

Gridnev said the human immune system was under great pressure during the new crown outbreak. We decided to suspend routine vaccination for adults. Because any vaccination will have a certain effect on the human immune system. This role can be a big problem during an outbreak.

According to RIA Novosti, quoting assistant gridnev, the decision to suspend routine vaccination for children will be made by local governments.

1022 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in Turkey, 151615 cases.

On the evening of May 19 local time, the updated data on the website of the Ministry of health of Turkey showed that 25382 new coronavirus tests were carried out on the same day, and 1022 of them were positive. So far, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Turkey 151615 cases. On the same day, 28 new deaths occurred, with a total of 4199 deaths. 1318 cases were cured on the same day, and 112895 cases were cured in total. A total of 1675517 tests were carried out in Turkey. At present, there are 882 intensive care patients and 455 intubated patients.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 813 new cases in the past 24 hours, 226699 cases were diagnosed in Italy, 162 cases were death cases, 32169 cases were cumulative deaths, 2075 cases were cured, and 129401 cases were cured in accordance with the data released by the Civil Protection Department of the Italy in 18 hours in May 19th.

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