Who shelved Taiwan related sponsor Taiwan office: Taiwan independence has no way out

 Who shelved Taiwan related sponsor Taiwan office: Taiwan independence has no way out

This years World Health Assembly (WHA) was launched by video at 6:00 p.m. on the 18th, and the Taiwan authorities were still rejected. Although many diplomatic countries and Western countries were encouraged to support it, the general meeting of who decided to shelve the proposal of supporting Taiwan. At the end of the year, the general meeting of who held a meeting to discuss Taiwan issues. Taiwan has failed to participate in the WHA for four consecutive years since Tsai ing Wen took office. Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the mainland, said Thursday that the decision of the 73rd World Health Assembly once again showed that there was no way out for Taiwan independence. It was unpopular for the world Health Assembly to hype Taiwan related issues. The one China principle was the consensus of the international community, the aspiration of the people and the general trend.

Affected by the epidemic, this years World Health Assembly was held in the form of video conference. At the opening ceremony on the 18th, leaders of many countries were invited to speak first, and then the agenda of the assembly was discussed. The 14 Taiwan diplomatic countries previously sent a letter to tan Desai, director general of the World Health Organization (who), and formally proposed to invite Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly as an observer. Bain, the Permanent Delegation of the Bahamas to Geneva, who is the president of the assembly, said that the proposal of the 14 member states should be handled later this year when the WHA resumed. At that time, it will be carried out in accordance with the relevant procedures, i.e. through the general manager first The Executive Committee shall discuss and then recommend to the General Assembly whether to formally put it on the agenda of the general assembly. Bain said that the resumption of the meeting at the end of this year was held in the form of actual attendance of Member States, but if it is not possible to hold a physical conference, it will continue to be held in the form of video, and the conference will find an appropriate way to deal with it at that time.

In recent years, the DPP authorities have stepped up their efforts to squeeze into the WHO assembly. Taiwans Central News Agency reported Monday that several members of the U.S. Congress tweeted criticizing the whos decision, claiming that Taiwan should participate. U.S. Republican Senator Gordon Clinton said Taiwans success in curbing the epidemic has many experiences to share, but the cowardly behavior of the who puts the world in a more disadvantaged situation.. Republican representative Wright said Taiwan deserved to win the seat, and he will continue to wait patiently for a reply from Tan Desai. Oujiangan, a spokesman for Taiwans foreign ministry, said Tuesday that the agenda of this years video conference is extremely compact. Each participating country has only two minutes to speak. The 14 countries still express their support for Taiwans participation in the extremely limited speaking time, which is very precious and sincerely appreciated. Chen Shizhong, commander of Taiwans Central Command Center for epidemic situation, said that the invitation letter had not been received until the last moment of the effort. I regret the World Health Organization and have submitted a letter of protest.. Tsai also protested against the practice of the World Health Organization Tuesday, but Taiwan will not give up participating in international affairs because of being suppressed, and the government will continue to make efforts to let the world see Taiwan..

Ma Ying Jeou, a former leader of Taiwan, said bluntly Tuesday that he thought the foreign ministry was very clear that it would be very difficult to attend the World Health Assembly, let alone join the World Health Organization. It is impossible at all.. According to the writer, as long as the United States and Japan move their thin lips up and down, they will get it; if things go wrong, they will launch guns to attack the other side. The World Health Organization has no right to send a letter to invite Taiwan to participate on the grounds that its members have no consensus or authorization, the China Times said Tuesday? The main reason, of course, is that the DPP authorities did not accept the 1992 consensus with one China as its connotation. Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the mainland, said Monday that from 2009 to 2016, Taiwans participation in the World Health Assembly as an observer in the name of Chinese Taipei was a special arrangement made through cross-strait consultations on the basis of the 1992 consensus that both sides adhere to the principle of one China. Since the DPP came into power in 2016, it has persistently adhered to the Taiwan independence split position, unilaterally undermining the political basis of cross strait consultation. Taiwan has been unable to participate in the World Health Assembly for four consecutive years, and the responsibility lies entirely with the DPP authorities.

The cold water of the World Health Assembly, an editorial published by the China Times on September 19 said that Taiwans international participation is full of difficulties, which is an international reality; the general public may have unrealistic illusions, but the DPP authorities should understand the nature of international relations, but conduct political manipulation that is divorced from reality, and the result is against their wishes. When green camp fanatics saw that some countries attacked the mainland due to the epidemic, they hoped to form Anti China Alliance on the basis of similar concept and value alliance, and took the opportunity to get rid of diplomatic isolation. Such an idea is totally unrealistic, which is not in line with the operation law of international politics and the evolution of international situation. The article said that even if the United States claimed its support for Taiwan, it would still be inconvenient for Taiwan to participate in the proposal of the World Health Assembly, the defeat of who participation should be like a basin of cold water, pouring out the mind of a daze, right? The United Evening News also said on the 19th that the diplomatic countries proposal to support Taiwan was postponed to the end of the year when the meeting resumed. Can Taiwan therefore trade time for space and greatly increase opportunities for participation? Im afraid its still not optimistic. .

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