Three people were ordered to apologize publicly for calcified beach drifting on off-road vehicles

 Three people were ordered to apologize publicly for calcified beach drifting on off-road vehicles

The best off road vehicle waterfall drifting video

On the evening of May 17, a video of three cross-country vehicles drifting on the calcified beach of yalonggou was released in the Internet media, which aroused the collective condemnation and condemnation of netizens.

In the video, three off-road vehicles circle and drift on a calcified beach with ice belt in turn, leaving three vehicles parked side by side at the top of calcified waterfall for aerial photos.

From the early morning of May 18, this video full of ostentation spread rapidly on the Internet, and became a hot money. In a harsh voice, many netizens questioned: can we drive here?

In reality, just at the entrance of calcified beach, a sign no driving vehicles and no entering the center of calcified waterfall stands beside it, which is very conspicuous.

According to the regulations on the protection of scenic spots, the regulations on the punishment of public security administration, and the relevant regulations of Kangding City, driving into the calcified shoal of yalonggou is prohibited.

Suffer - willful ignorance, rolling over the landscape, being punished

So, who did the video take? Who drives and drifts willfully? How will relevant departments deal with the incident?

On the afternoon of May 18, the reporter learned from the Kangding Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism that the owners of the three cross-country vehicles who had been exposed in the video had contacted the Kangding municipal administrative department actively after seeing the video on the Internet, saying that they have deeply recognized their serious mistakes and are willing to actively cooperate with the Department to investigate and accept the treatment, and promised to catch up on the same night as required To Kangding.

In the early morning of May 19, a joint working group composed of Kangding culture, radio, Tourism Bureau, forestry and grass Bureau, ecological environment bureau, natural resources bureau, Public Security Bureau, Party committee and government of jiagenba town went to jiagenba town of Kangding city with relevant personnel to carry out a comprehensive on-site investigation on the event of rolling over the calcified beach of yalonggou by luxury vehicles.

After on-site investigation and identification, the involved personnel recalled and narrated that the relevant departments found out the origin and the background of the incident: on May 16, a group of people in Sichuan Province drove three cross-country vehicles to enter Kangding city for tourism. At about 12:30 p.m. that day, on the way to Yaha pass in jiagenba Town, Kangding City, a group of people saw a yellow waterfall which was very spectacular, so they decided to drive in to take photos. Driving along the beautiful golden road, they drove over the waterfall and found an open flat area with ice. As a cross-country self driving enthusiast, a group of people immediately added enough gas to drift around it, then drove away to Yaha pass.

When driving on the plateau, these tourists were overwhelmed by the spectacular scene in front of them and tested the performance of the off-road vehicle. But what they didnt know at that time was that in order to experience the hard core pleasure of getting close to nature, a group of people crushed the largest calcified beach in Asia which took hundreds of millions of years to form. At that time, their series of God operations had been photographed by passers-by and uploaded to the Internet video platform.

Outdoor is not equal to extrajudicial!

To be close to nature is not to do anything arbitrarily!

In the afternoon of May 19, a joint working group composed of relevant departments of Kangding City, after investigation, held the on-site disposal meeting of the car rolling incident in caecafied beach of Yaha longgou in jiagenba Town, and dealt with the incident strictly:

First, oblige the involved personnel to make a written in-depth inspection;

The second is to instruct the involved personnel to apologize to the local Party committee, government and the people for the rolling incident in the town of jiagenba where the past happened;

The third is to instruct the involved personnel to carry out the relevant work of beach vegetation restoration, and each involved personnel to carry out the public welfare action of protecting green water and green mountains for one week;

The fourth is to oblige the involved persons to make video apologies in the media at all levels, to make an example.

The three of us seriously lack the awareness of basic environmental protection, natural ecology protection and good tourism resources protection, lack the concept of civilized tourism, and drive vehicles into the calcified beach formed after hundreds of thousands of years without authorization, which has caused great harm to them. in the letter of apology, the three car owners are sincere in their attitude, expecting to be forgiven, and at the same time appeal, the majority of tourists protect their lives State, civilized tourism and local customs.

At the same time, Kangding culture, radio, television and Tourism Bureau issued a proposal on civilized tourism.


Dear tourists

With the promotion of Kangding cultural tourism resources by various online media and self-Media, some of the worlds rare and beautiful places in Kangding are gradually unveiled. The number of tourists who take Kangding as a tourist destination is increasing year by year. At the same time, the phenomenon of tourists uncivilization is emerging in an endless stream, and it is not uncommon. These behaviors not only affect the sightseeing experience of other tourists, but also destroy the blessed land of nature after hundreds of millions of years, leaving scars that are hard to recover over the years!

Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. Once destroyed, it will be hard to recover in a hundred years. Today is China tourism day. We hereby launch the initiative of protecting ecological and civilized tourism:

1u3001 Establish the concept of civilized tourism, improve the quality of civilized tourism, shape the image of civilized tourism, and create a good atmosphere of civilized tourism.

2u3001 Enhance the sense of social responsibility, protect the ecological environment, and do not arbitrarily damage the ecological vegetation and geological features.

3u3001 Maintain environmental health, protect public facilities, do not litter or scribble.

4u3001 Respect traditional culture, respect local customs, do not climb ancient buildings, do not take Mani stone.

5u3001 Civilized travel, civilized self driving, no disorderly stop, no window throwing.

Only when the green mountains stay forever and the beautiful waters flow for a long time, the ecological environment of Kangding will be more beautiful, and the tourist experience will be more comfortable. Lets start from ourselves, from every bit,

Gather some good thoughts and good deeds to make the civilized green wind travel smoothly.

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