Xian Benz female car owner speaks for breach of contract

 Xian Benz female car owner speaks for breach of contract

Chen tianzhe, the schools principal, said in an interview with the Beijing news that Ms Xue failed to perform after the agreement was signed. She said the workload was too heavy, and she never broadcast it live.. According to the school, Ms. Xues behavior caused the school to miss the peak recruitment season, which was a great loss.

Court summons

In this regard, Ms. Xue said in an interview with the reporter of Beijing news that it is not difficult to perform the contract. The reason for the failure is that after signing the cooperation agreement, she learned that the school involved could not issue a diploma, and then asked the school to provide relevant qualifications, but the school has been pushing back with running, so she did not publicize it.

On August 27, 2019, Xian high speed railway school sued Ms. Xue to the court, claiming for more than 3.64 million yuan.

On May 19, Chen tianzhe told reporters that in the mediation stage before the court session, Ms. Xue proposed to counterclaim the Xian high-speed railway technical school represented by Chen tianzhe.

According to the counterclaim, Ms. Xue asked to cancel the agreement between the two sides and asked the school to compensate 2 million yuan for the loss. The reason of counterclaim is that the school uses it to carry out hype, and the school involved in false propaganda, which led to the signing of the agreement because of the deception of the individual.

It is said that the court recently awarded Shanghai Jingji Culture Development Co., Ltd. a debt of nearly 6 million yuan. According to the enterprise investigation data, the registered capital of Shanghai Jingji Culture Development Co., Ltd. is 100000 yuan. Xue Chunyan, the female owner of Xian BENZ Engine cover rights protection, is the supervisor of the company. At present, the company has 2 pieces of dishonest information (all not fulfilled), 4 pieces of high consumption information, and 7 pieces of information on production break and reorganization.