He will be acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee

 He will be acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee

Rubio was previously the number three on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he was widely seen as the most likely successor after burr resigned.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is one of the most important committees in the US Senate. Its main responsibilities are to supervise and conduct continuous research on the intelligence activities and projects of the U.S. government, to submit appropriate legislative proposals on such intelligence activities and projects to the Senate and report to the Senate, and to provide prudent legislative supervision on the intelligence activities of the U.S. to ensure that these activities conform to the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Rubio was born in Miami, the second largest city in Florida, to Cuban immigrants. In 2010, with the support of populist and right-wing conservative political group tea party, Rubio was elected to the Senate for the first time. Rubio is a member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee as well as the intelligence committee and chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee.

In April 2015, Rubio joined the Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential election. At that time, in order to prevent trump from being elected, Rubio once became the object strongly supported by the Republican Party. But in March 2016, Rubio lost to trump in his home state of Florida, and then announced his withdrawal.

Rubio is a representative of the Chinese hawks in the U.S. Congress. As a senator, Rubio has put forward a series of proposals concerning China issues in Congress, advocating a tough stance on China.