Beijing must break bags to throw kitchen waste? Official response

 Beijing must break bags to throw kitchen waste? Official response

Whether the bag is broken or not depends on the disposal capacity of the end waste. The reporter learned from the city management department that, at present, aerobic composting and anaerobic biogas generation are the common way of kitchen waste resource treatment in this city.

Some residents have asked whether plastic bags made of degradable materials can be used to contain kitchen waste. The reporter learned that degradable plastic bags can degrade in the composting process, but the degradation speed is slower than kitchen waste. At the same time, the price of a degradable plastic bag is basically Zero point five Yuan is even higher. If it is used to contain kitchen waste, it may greatly increase the cost of putting garbage in.

In addition to composting, biogas power generation is another popular treatment method for kitchen waste in recent years.

Tongzhou District organic matter resource ecological treatment station will be put into operation by the end of 2018. This large-scale treatment station specialized in eating garbage can handle 600 tons of garbage every day, of which 200 tons are kitchen waste. This is the largest system in China, and the only one that can handle kitchen waste, feces and sludge at the same time. Said Yu Guangtao, general manager of Tongzhou organic matter resources ecological treatment station.

Can the kitchen waste without broken bags be used to make biogas for power generation? The reporter learned that all kitchen waste entering the anaerobic fermentation tank must be extruded or chopped fine material. If there is no broken bag in advance, some large and thick plastic bags are likely to wrap around the knife face, extrusion blunt or rotating shaft when the kitchen waste is extruded or chopped.

Not only that, the reporter learned that in some cases, plastic bags may also form an impermeable membrane in the anaerobic tank, leading to the collapse of the biogas power generation system, causing greater losses.

It seems that no matter the ordinary plastic bag or degradable plastic bag is used, the waste disposal mode of biogas generation cant be broken bag.

Why is there such a contrast?

The reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of urban management that, according to the implementation measures for waste classification of residential quarters in Beijing, kitchen waste should be drained before being put into use. For example, when residents make a bowl of instant noodles at home, they cant throw them into the kitchen waste bin with soup boxes after eating them. They must pour the soup out of the instant noodles, and then pour the drained noodles into the kitchen waste bin.

In general, there is essential difference between the kitchen waste produced in the community and the swill produced in the restaurant. Take the kitchen waste bins of our ordinary families. Very few of them are full of leftovers with peculiar smell. In fact, most of them are dry garbage, such as vegetable leaves, stone peel, tea residue, egg shell, peanut and melon seed peel. Such kitchen waste, even if its left open in the house for a day, or even spent the night at home, doesnt really taste much. However, if the soup water with a strong smell is poured into the kitchen waste can, the whole bucket of kitchen waste will be soaked in soup, which is more likely to produce peculiar smell after exposure and fermentation, the staff of the urban management committee explained. Therefore, it is suggested that the residents drain the water before putting the kitchen waste to avoid smell.

The waste steel pipe is cut into a short stick with sharp serrated barbs, welded into an L beam, and then hung on the edge of the kitchen waste bin. A kitchen waste broken bag artifact is installed.

Residents only need to put the plastic bag filled with kitchen waste into the bin, and then gently lift it up. The bag body scrapes on the barb and immediately opens up. The garbage in the bag falls into the bin, while the empty bag can be picked up and put into other bins aside. Since this broken bag artifact was made in Beixiaguan street of Haidian District, residents are no longer afraid to dirty their hands after throwing kitchen waste.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }In order to make the residents throw away kitchen waste not dirty hands, the reporter learned that many areas such as Haidian and Changping have developed a kitchen waste broken bag artifact with different appearance but similar function.

Some communities that havent been equipped with broken bag artifact have also come up with ways to facilitate the people. For example, the Shuguang garden Guanlan international community in Haidian District is not only equipped with special scissors beside the kitchen waste bin for residents to pierce the kitchen waste bag, but also set up a hand washing place beside the waste sorting post station for residents to clean their hands after dumping waste.

Some communities provide hand sanitizer or alcohol for residents to disinfect their hands after putting in kitchen waste. In other areas, garbage sorting instructors help residents lift the end of the bin and throw kitchen waste.