How did the Shanghai stock index become a counterfeiter when it slightly fell 30 shares and rose more than 100percent in the year?

 How did the Shanghai stock index become a counterfeiter when it slightly fell 30 shares and rose more than 100percent in the year?

It is worth noting that, in sharp contrast to these bull stocks, 47 stocks in the two cities still fell by more than 50%. These stocks with larger declines are generally concentrated in the st plate, and the characteristics of small market value are more obvious.

In view of this market phenomenon, some market insiders believe that, because the market is in the game of the stock capital, the market will have certain structural characteristics. In addition to some high-quality fundamentals and varieties with high performance certainty will be sought after by the capital, some industries will be sought after by hot money due to the short-term changes in fundamentals, which also has a certain boost effect on this market.

Although it is very difficult to catch bull stocks, it is obvious that investment around industries with high prosperity can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Tianfeng securities and other institutions have expressed their views on how to layout the future market

Xu Biao, an analyst at Tianfeng securities, pointed out that before and after the first quarter of each years spring turmoil, the macro liquidity is relatively abundant and the micro level transactions are active, which corresponds to the higher risk preference of the market, so the market gives a higher weight to the long-term performance outlook. Technology and some themes have such a long-term growth advantage, so the rebound space is larger.

Since the second quarter of each year, the macro liquidity cannot continue to expand on the margin most of the time, and the micro level transaction is weak, corresponding to the obvious decline of market risk appetite, so the market gives higher weight to the current performance, and the consumer sector and Baima stock perform better.

In terms of industry configuration, considering the improvement degree and follow-up sustainability of the performance of China Daily, the valuation of leading companies, and the judgment of the possibility of performance exceeding expectations, Xu Biao suggested that the focus of the second quarter of the industry segmentation report include: 5g infrastructure, big data center, medical information, medical equipment, food and snacks, high-end wine, vaccine, catering and short-distance tourism, domestic furniture , decorative building materials, prefabricated buildings.

Source: Financial Association editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368