Tianmenshan, a female college student in Beijing, died: she missed two opportunities to escape poverty

 Tianmenshan, a female college student in Beijing, died: she missed two opportunities to escape poverty


More than anything

I saw a heavy news recently.

The search and rescue team then began to search, but the local terrain is precipitous and complex, coupled with the continuous rainfall in recent days, the cloud and fog in the mountain is large and the visibility is low, which has brought great difficulties to the search and rescue work.

According to the latest report, Jiang, who lost contact, died.

According to people familiar with the matter, Jiangs family is well-off and has both talent and appearance.

I like challenge and stimulation since I was a child. I have gone abroad for systematic wing flight training and hundreds of wing flight and skydiving experiences.

At that time, she was taking part in the shooting of a short extreme sports documentary organized by a culture company in Beijing.

She took off from a helicopter with a flight altitude of about 2500 meters and carried out a high-altitude wing flight. However, the weather changed dramatically at that time, and Jiang did not reach the designated landing site.

Its the heart of parents all over the world. Behind every misfortune, there are anxious parents and a near broken family.


Behind every tragedy

There was a chance to escape

However, after careful investigation, Jiang himself should be responsible for the accident.

Ruthlessly, so far, she has had two chances to avoid falling into a desperate situation, but they were all missed.

The girls first chance is not to come to Tianmen Mountain to do this extreme project when the weather is unstable.

People who have been to Tianmen Mountain know that the mountain is steep, the Valley Road is narrow, the mountain road is rugged, many road sections are carved cliffs, and there are many shady and hidden places.

Not to mention extreme sports, which are usually explorations, have certain risks.

When the company chooses such a place to shoot, it has great risks.

Whats more, on May 12, the climate of Tianmen Mountain was unstable. Sometimes it was sunny and sometimes it was foggy.

In fact, such weather conditions are not suitable for wing flight.

But the girl has many years of training, and a lot of experience, feel that they can deal with.

In the end, its off course.

Before she left, she put all her mobile phones and positioning equipment in the camp.

Perhaps, in the eyes of girls, its just a common flight. Theres no need to worry about anything, let alone take measures.

However, there is a real problem, that is to say that every day should not be, that the ground is not working.

If she had positioning equipment on her, it would increase her chances of being rescued. Search and rescue personnel can find her in the first place.

Unfortunately, the cruelest thing in the world is that there is no if.

The principle of statistics tells us: in life, black swan event is everywhere.

Even if you do 99.9% Ive never made a mistake in my life. But that 0.1% For emergencies that are not under your control, you may still lose all the accumulated income from doing the right thing, or even enlarge the loss by dozens or hundreds of times.

Whats more, some people take the initiative to put themselves in the most dangerous situation.

There are some inevitable factors hidden between the accidental things.

Im not blaming the girl, after all, its her job.

I just cant help but think: if there is another time, you must not use your life to gamble.

Besides life and death, its all small things. You cant afford to bet, let alone lose.


Be a man

Last year, a female driver in Sanming, Fujian Province, drove 34 minutes to see her cell phone 30 times, and finally ran out of control and hit the tunnel, killing herself on the spot.

To be honest, is it wrong? No injustice. Maybe at the first distraction, there might be a car accident. But God gave her 29 chances, she did not wake up and cherish, until the 30th time.

In life, we often turn a blind eye to some obvious dangers. I always think that misfortune is far away from me, but its just a kind of thinking fallacy.

When crossing the road, the cars come and go, and we can follow them.

After drinking, I feel that Im still awake, thinking that Im so good at driving.

The barbecue stand on the roadside clearly knows that there are three no products, but it cant help but order a lot.

How do you know when you wont get food poisoning?

In the end, most of our life experience comes from incomplete induction, but in the face of the rapidly changing world, in fact, those flukes in our hearts are just unforeseen misfortunes.

Let me give you an example, the turkey theory put forward by the philosopher Russell, and you will see.

In essence, we are no different from this turkey in our daily life.

We always feel that we have done some dangerous things, but havent we always lived well? God must be very kind to me.

The problem is: yesterdays success does not infer tomorrows fluke.

As the Infernal Affairs said: come out to mix, sooner or later have to return.

Life is never a fluke

The future is not long

Writer Ge always shared a story:

A friend of mine in Beijing once said that when she was very young, her father told her that when she waited for the subway, she had to stand against the wall. The subway in Beijing was built very early. At that time, there was no guardrail, so almost every year, someone would fall into the subway from the platform. Some commit suicide, others push it down. Dad said: in the subway station, you dont know anyone! Have neuropathy, have drunk much, still have the intention to give the society disorder! You dont know? I dont know. Dont give people a chance. Its safest to stand against the wall! I want to say that this fathers advice is really a kind of wisdom, as the ancients said: a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall.

Tao Te Ching said: Heaven and earth are not benevolent, to all things as a ruminant dog. God never really depends on someone.

Thats true. Unfortunately, its always a small probability event. But once it happens, its very important for you.

Usually, its sunny. Once a little wind blows, the potted plants will fall down. Maybe its you who hurt them.

Remember, life is never a fluke. The future is not long.