Silent reading: Fei Du Luo hears the boat and is still moved after reading all the sails

 Silent reading: Fei Du Luo hears the boat and is still moved after reading all the sails


In fact, Luo Wenzhou is lucky. Its not just his family, its not just his job performance. It was a turning point in his life when he met FaDu. Career, feelings, but also his own did not notice the changes. It was not until he realized his feelings for fedu that his heart, which had fallen on the top of the administrative building covered with frost, seemed to return to his body, sink slowly into his chest, and send out a flower with the scientific name of Jinghao. Everything is in order, more accustomed than flowers and clouds.


But Fei Du kept a sense of damned distance from Luo Wenzhou. Without him, fedu would fight against the monsters in the dark. If he succeeds, he will not get the so-called banner. Failure to wait for him is like death. Why should we take Luo Wenzhou? Apart from his career, he is also the treasure of FaDu. The more so, the more furious Luo Wenzhou was: with drumsticks in hand, if you dont plan to share half of the others, dont go to peoples front to bajizui , which is the basic education.


He who gazes into the abyss, the abyss gazes at you. This is the thinking of ordinary people, but fedu has another opinion: do you know what would happen to me? I will cut the meat, release the bowl of blood, and then chop the long deformed bones down and smash them. I am not the one gazing at the abyss, I am the abyss. Please forget his attributes, if that person is not Luo Wenzhou - I think that Fei Du is a kind attack. Luo Wenzhou, OK - he chose to give up.


In my heart, there is a cluster of flowers born in the hot sun, which are more fragrant than all good wine. The hot fragrance drowns the Scarecrows chest, and the spirit of grass binding is endless. This is Fei Dus confession letter to Luo Wenzhou. Isnt it an confession letter? When Fei Du opened his heart, he even felt surprised. The spirit of caoza will live forever. Love, there is such an endless power. Then dont think too much, try to live in the sun. Scarecrow, with warm care.


Feidu is also good, Luo Wenzhou, in the emotional world can be described as easy.. But, all brush by is not predestination. Only with each other can we truly remember each other. Silent reading said: probably the so-called age and experience to give ease is just a false image, many times, ease is only after reading a thousand sails, cold, tired, not moving it. Reading thousands of sails is not, as long as I see you, I am suddenly enlightened: it is you, and then the dust settles