ell one hundred and ten point eight zero Wanqi Lincoln pilot long axis version and special version are on the market

 ell one hundred and ten point eight zero Wanqi Lincoln pilot long axis version and special version are on the market

As Lincolns flagship SUV, the new Lincoln Navigators vehicle length is 5355mm, and there is a 3112mm wheelbase. On this basis, the new Lincoln Navigators long axis presidential version is further upgraded. The new vehicles length is 5657mm, width is 2073mm, height is 1934mm, and wheelbase is 3342mm, which has more advantages in the same class. The new Lincoln pilot long axis president version has a standard luggage volume of 722 L under the three row seat full open mode, fully meeting the daily travel; the second, third row seat of the new car also supports one button power folding, when the two or three row seats are all down, the luggage volume can reach 2947 L, meeting any storage needs of the family. In addition, it has a large panoramic skylight with an area of 1200mmx870mm.

New Lincoln pilot long axis version twelve point three Inch full digital dashboard and 10 inch touch LCD. HUD head up display function adopts DLP technology only used in HD cinema, which can process images at a speed of thousands of times per second. At the same time, it supports personalized customized content, so that drivers can view speed, navigation, call and other information without bowing their heads. At the same time, the new car also has on-board Wi Fi and mobile wireless charging functions.

Based on the high requirements of Chinese customers for air quality and travel health, the new long axis version of Lincoln Navigator is equipped with the fresh air manager function specially developed for the Chinese market, which integrates the air monitoring system and air purification system in the car, and also supports the real-time display of the air quality level inside and outside the car on the central control panel or Lincoln Road app.

Fresh air housekeeper adopts high-efficiency activated carbon filter with up to four filter structures, including: pre filter layer, microfiber layer, activated carbon layer and support layer, which can effectively filter 96% of PM1.0 And PM2.5 , 94% PM0.3 Particulate matter, and can absorb harmful substances including n-butane, toluene and nitrogen oxides, to prevent odor from entering the vehicle.

The smart phone key function of phoneasakey is also equipped on the new long axis version of Lincoln Navigator. After the owner activates this function on the Lincoln Road app, he can use his mobile phone to easily unlock the vehicle and open the trunk, or even start and drive the vehicle without the physical vehicle key. Smart phone key uses advanced Bluetooth technology, the sensing radius is as far as 10 meters, and the Lincoln welcome sensing system can be started 3 meters away from the vehicle, One point five The door can be opened at meters without the need to stick the mobile phone against the door handle. Each vehicle can be bound with up to 4 smart phone keys for the convenience of sharing the vehicle with family or friends. The new Lincoln pilot long axis version is equipped with a revel? Ultimatm top-level sound system with 20 loudspeakers, and adopts quantum logic and clari fitm intelligent sound source repair technology to bring the hearing enjoyment of VIP seats for all passengers.

In addition, the latest pilot mono limited edition has been upgraded and adjusted for the appearance. However, we can speculate through the previously launched Lincoln Continental mono limited edition. The new car will have two models with white theme and black theme, with black or white processing corresponding to each other in terms of paint and grille. At the same time, it will increase the collection of Knight star logo and new black The wheels make a difference.

New car carrying Three point five L V6 twin turbocharged engine can produce 387 HP maximum power and 680 nm peak torque. The unique 10 speed automatic gearbox at the same level has a closer gear ratio, which reduces the shift speed difference between gears, makes the acceleration more stable, and also reduces fuel consumption.