The chaos in Hong Kong has blocked traffic, smashed facilities and injured the public Under the shadow of violence, Hong Kong has become a dead city

 The chaos in Hong Kong has blocked traffic, smashed facilities and injured the public Under the shadow of violence, Hong Kong has become a dead city

Traffic jams directly affect the livelihood of taxi drivers. In his 50s, Mr. Xie has been driving a taxi for 12 years. He loves his work very much.

Master Xie, a taxi driver in Hong Kong: why do I like this job so much? I can drive here and there freely.

The city has become chaotic, once unrestrained. Master Xie drives out every day and is no longer at ease.

Hong Kong taxi driver master Xie: (every day) when going out to start work, my wife will tell me to drive carefully. If you see something, you can go far away. Dont worry. When I see the man in black, I dare not say a word more to him. Because Im afraid hes really those thugs. You need to know that those thugs are inhuman. They fight when they see people.

Unease hung over the city. For truck driver master Chen, July 21, 2019 is a black day.

At that time, militants blocked roads in central and a large number of vehicles were unable to pass. In his 40s, Mr. Chen was eager to deliver goods, so he got off the car and began to theorize.

Mr. Chen was beaten and injured. Even the new car he just bought with a loan three months ago was smashed on the spot.

Every day when they go on the streets, the militants will bring tools and weapons such as incendiary bombs and chainsaws.

They saw off street lights because they were afraid that they would have the function of face recognition and take pictures of what they did on the street.

Hong Kong people: ordinary people go to work and rework every day. They pay attention to the news as soon as they get up. They just watch the subway that blocked the golden bell again yesterday. Today, something happened in Tsuen Wan. Everyone is worried. You should also be rational in expressing your demands. You should not affect me. Your ideas do not represent my ideas. You dont want to get in touch with other people and affect our daily life.

According to the report, during the period from June 12 to November 24, 2019, more than 90% of the railway stations and 147 stations in total were damaged. 85 of the 93 heavy rail stations were damaged, accounting for about 91%. 62 of the 68 LRT stations were damaged, more than 90%. 1951 times of damage to the exit gate, 1146 times of damage to the ticket machine, value-added machine and other equipment, 1502 times of damage to the light rail Octopus toll collector, 1278 times of damage to the CCTV monitoring lens, 1158 times of damage to the glass curtain wall at the entrance and exit of the station These subway facilities were damaged more than 7400 times in total.

Many peoples livelihood has been affected by frequent road blocking and endless violence.

Hong Kong businessmen: the real estate industry has come to a standstill, the retail industry has closed, the catering industry has lost more than half of its population, hotel prices have fallen by half, and tourists have lost half.

Hong Kong businessman: reduce the sales volume by more than 30%.

Hong Kong people: now you can see what they have done to drive away the passengers. If you disagree with him, you can pull out the car and call Whats the difference with what they call Underworld? No difference.