Lin: Hong Kong primary and secondary schools will resume classes on May 27 as scheduled

 Lin: Hong Kong primary and secondary schools will resume classes on May 27 as scheduled

Unless there is a massive outbreak in Hong Kong, even if there are sporadic cases, classes will resume as scheduled, she said.

Earlier, the Hong Kong Education Bureau announced that primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong would resume classes in stages. The first batch of classes will be resumed on May 27. Students from grade 3 to grade 5 (equivalent to grade 3, grade 1 and grade 2 in mainland China) will return to school. The second and third stages will be resumed on June 8 and June 15, respectively. The Hong Kong Education Bureau said it would gradually resume classes on the principle of half a day. Less intensive, there may be appropriate amount of sports activities.

On the University side, the reporter learned that Hong Kong universities have resumed campus operations, but there is no sign of resumption for students. Most Hong Kong universities, such as the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of science and technology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and so on, have finished this semesters courses, and students are currently in the final review stage. Previously, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University sent an email to students, saying that if necessary and if conditions permit, each college will arrange make-up classes for students who are absent due to the epidemic between June 22 and August 1.

According to public information, there was no new diagnosis in Hong Kong on May 19. The total number of confirmed cases was 1056, and no new local cases were found for 5 consecutive days. At a press conference, the Secretary for food and health, Chen Zhaoshi, said that there were still sporadic local cases. The restraining order banning groups of more than eight people from public places would be extended by two weeks to June 4.

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