Yu Yuyu wants to hold a symposium on chapter snatching: leading Li Guoqings behavior to criminal

 Yu Yuyu wants to hold a symposium on chapter snatching: leading Li Guoqings behavior to criminal

Yu Yus team set the discussion direction of experts in the email, such as combining Li Guoqings act of seizing chapter with bitcontinentals act of seizing business license.

The main topics discussed in the symposium include:

The second is to discuss the equity in marriage property, and how to interpret the current equity ratio of industrial and commercial registration in divorce litigation.

In terms of organizers and experts, the email shows that the symposium will be hosted by a daily newspaper or its subordinate newspapers and magazines, and will be online or offline. At the same time, 3-5 experts will be interviewed, and 2-3 experts will be interviewed by the special issue.

How to evaluate this symposium?

However, the case of Li Guoqings Chapter snatching is more complicated, and the discussion should also be analyzed in detail:

The former happened in the company, Li left the receipt, and claimed that the staff could use the seal at any time, which had its civilization; the latter happened in the administrative service agency, which objectively disturbed the distribution process and normal work order. After the bitland incident, the public security soon took compulsory measures against it, and the Li Guoqing incident is probably still an economic dispute in the final analysis.

Secondly, information blind spots should be eliminated before discussion.

According to the analysis of Zhao occupation lawyer before, the key to the case is whether the shareholders meeting is legal. Yu Yufang claimed that he did not know the convening of the shareholders meeting, but in Li Guoqings statement to Dangdang employees, he mentioned that Yu Yu had been informed. At present, this situation is unable to determine Li Guoqings act of seizing chapter.

It is meaningful, but it should not be initiated by one of the parties. It should be hosted by an independent third party with no interest relationship, and the experts should also have no interest relationship.

However, according to the information disclosed in the email, although a newspaper is the organizer, Yu Yu has a cooperative relationship with a newspaper, and experts still charge a lot of fees. The objectivity of notarization is questionable, which may interfere with justice and public opinion.

Source: Sanyan Financial Editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679