520, why do we have to give gifts?

 520, why do we have to give gifts?

Between lovers, its a gift, but its an expression of deep love.

Usually, I like you very much, but on this day, I dont have any expression, or even deliberately avoid your people. Then, we need to reexamine the relationship between you.

01, 520 no gifts, when?

520, usually defaulted to online Valentines Day, as the name implies, is the day when lovers express their love to each other.

In the feelings, I believe that no one will not understand the meaning of this festival.

The reason why I dont understand is that I dont care, so it doesnt matter.

TA may be too busy to find me;

TA may be introverted, not good at expression, not romantic;

TA may be cash strapped and has no gift to offer.

On Valentines day, we dont give presents to each other. When will we give them?

There is no time for you on this day of the festival. When will there be time?

02. The gift is not the value, but the intention

So, many times, I want to add weight to each others feelings in some ways.

Men and women communicate only for material purposes. Many people really care about each others attitude of valuing themselves.

She and her boyfriend usually get along happily, but every Tanabata, or 520 days, they are seconds to become single rhythm.

See the people around in pairs to give each other gifts, sweet and honey of eating and shopping, she can only envy.

Ask each other: what are the plans for the festival?

The tone is full of perfunctory.

My friend said:

She doesnt ask her partner to buy her more expensive gifts or more luxurious candlelight dinner. She just hopes to receive a simple expression from him to let me know that he also remembers me.

For many women, heart is probably the best gift.

In the festival, there can be no diamond rings, no big red packets, just a simple meal, a small gift, sitting down and chatting with each other, seemingly common, but all permeated with consideration and care.

To be honest, romance is not about money, but about love. Gifts are not about price, but about heart.

Those who love you, and those who dont love you, will let you worry about gain and loss and spend Valentines day alone.

03. Life needs a sense of ceremony, so do feelings

It is often said that the real strong feelings are to melt into every bit of life.

But that doesnt mean that romance and ritual are no longer needed.

On the contrary, the longer two people stay together, the more likely they are to be trapped by various contradictions and problems, resulting in burnout.

Only when we know how to inject vitality and freshness into this relationship properly can we get through the trivial things along the way.

As Murakami wrote in his book:

Life is ordinary and trivial, but with a sense of ceremony, you will feel more sweet luster.

Carefully prepare a date, give a little gift, or sincerely say a blessing. Every little thing will make each others feelings more practical.

If a person, to you never mind, but also perfunctorily you are too busy to pull away, the festival never action, also naturally to you that are formalism.

Then forget it. I cant walk with you through the current people, let alone the future with you.

520 is a festival of love, warmth and sincerity.

Such as in this loving day, no gifts, no blessings, no company, such feelings are not as good as single.

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